Follow These 9 Tips To Play Online Ludo Game Like A Pro

IndiaLudo is a game where, before your tricks, your tactics are respected. But luckily, this ludo game keeps on to the traditional rules and has become an exceptionally famous board based top free android game seen to be played among loved ones.

IndiaLudo, being an online Ludo game, is a cross-stage multiplayer game that is versatile in all the stages simultaneously, such as, Android, iOs, etc.

Tips To Play Online Ludo Game

But avoiding key mistakes is just another point you are terribly missing on. So, what are the tips to play a ludo game online like a pro? Read them to know the secret:

1. Reasonably open all the pieces

All the pieces ought to be opened when you find the opportunity. And with opportunity, we mean, a good opportunity where the other tokens are somewhere a bit far, or are ahead of your token.

However, if you simply center around a couple of tokens, you’ll have less alternatives which will bring about an awful progress.

2. Stop running around for only a single piece all the time

It is a strict rule to not follow around a single token of your opponent. It will result in them knowing your second move and will have your token in clasp!

If you invest all your time into just one token, it is unlikely that you will reach the winning point because your point of playing the game is not to chase around, but to reach the last house!

To understand better, we have an instance: Instead of just running around for a single piece, you should keep all the pieces in various locations on the board.

3. Kill your opponent whenever you can, not however you like:

If you are anywhere following the above points, then you are likely to find opponents soon. By then, keep your goal to kill the opponent. However, remembering that you cannot kill an adversary whenever you feel like it, so it is moreover advised to kill when you find the opportunity.

4. Block your opponent’s token:

You should understand that it is important to block your opponent! Why, you may ask?

Because sometimes blocking is better than killing. It gives your token a chance to survive too. You just have to be careful when your piece is close to entering the home as your opponent who might be eyeing you.

5. Attempt to change the timings of the toss

Nobody can predict and tell you the calculation of winning in IndiaLudo, yet attempt to change the timings of tossing of dice. When you do that, you favor yourself one point above.

For instance: If you have played rapidly 4-5 times at that point, take as much time as is needed to roll the dice in the following possibility to change the timing of the toss!

6. Avoid silly risks:

While talking about silly risks, we mean to say, do not scatter your token everywhere around the board and wait for chances. It is very risky. Instead, move them wisely. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race!

7. Collect free coins:

Think one step ahead of your opponent and collect free coins so you can give a chance to yourself again.

8. Change the game pattern:

Do not let your opponent decide your next move when you play ludo online. It shall give them power of knowing what your next move is. Change the game pattern and do not let them think!

9. Know your goal:

Understand better of the game and know what your ultimate goal is!

Download ludo game, and play all the time! Who doesn’t love to win? Know these rules, understand your goal and play like a pro!

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