How To Lock / Unlock Windows key On A Gaming Laptop

If you are a laptop or a personal computer user, you must have come across the Windows key multiple times. It is sometimes also referred to as Winkey and the button representing Windows is present on all keyboards that are attached to a Microsoft Windows-compatible system. If you are a gamer or someone from working as an IT professional, I am sure, you don’t even realize the number of times you must be pressing while working. The Windows button is extremely versatile and is used for many shortcuts. In this blog, we will be discussing one of the very specific options related to the Windows key. Make sure to read until the end to completely understand how to lock/unlock the Windows key on a gaming laptop

Introduction: The Windows key

The key has the logo of Windows and it was first introduced in 1994 on the first Microsoft Natural keyboard. The most basic function of the key is to bring up the Menu option once pressed.

Windows key

Although depending on the keyboard you are using, you may have access to two or one Windows key. You will at least find one key between the Fn and Alt keys on the bottom left side of the alphabet panel on the keyboard. There is an additional Windows that may be present on the bottom right side but it entirely depends on the kind of keyboard the user is accessing. It is one of the most versatile buttons included on a keyboard and in case it stops working, it will lead to extremely stressful situations.

While there are multiple reasons why the key may have stopped working, we have listed below the few most common causes and their respective solutions.

1- When the Windows key stops functioning on a Gaming Laptop

Gaming keyboards are different from everyday keyboards because gamers have specific requirements to play a game with utmost ease. They generally tend to use a specific keyboard button for every game and in some games, they may not require the Windows key. Whether the Windows key is working or not remains irrelevant in this situation because here the gamer does not intend to use the button anyway.

Gaming Laptop

In case the button is accidentally pressed, it can cause the system to restart or pause the game. Hence gamers have to make certain that they do not press the Windows key if it is not required. So what do you do in such a case?

Well, the answer is with the Win Lock button on the keyboard. In the majority of gaming keyboards, the players will come across the Win Lock button and the main function of Win Lock is to enable or disable the actions of the Windows button. All you need to do is locate the button on the keyboard and press it depending on what you intend to do. If the Windows key was initially deactivated, it will get activated or the other way around.

What if there is no Win Lock option on the gaming keyboard?

There is no need to panic since there is another way to disable or enable the Windows key

  • First, locate the Fn icon on the keyboard
  • Locate the F6 button on the keyboard
  • Press both the button simultaneously and with this you will either enable or disable the Windows button depending on its previous status

Windows key new

If this step fails to deliver, you can also try the method mentioned below:

  • Locate the Windows key on the typing board
  • Locate the Fn key
  • Press both the button together and gently

This should resolve the issue when working on a gaming laptop.

But if for any reason, none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, it probably required a more detailed analysis and a few extra steps.

1- Try changing the settings in the Registry

settings in the Registry

Registry settings are responsible for not only allowing a few elements of the system but restrictions on some of them as well. If Registry Setting is causing the issue, here are the steps to follow for a solution:

  • Go to the start icon on the PC and click on it
  • Search for the option Run, which you can also type in for it to pop up on its own
  • The next pop-up box will have an open space in which the user can type in. You need to enter ‘regedt32’ followed by clicking on Ok
  • If the next step asks for confirmation, allow it
  • This will lead you to a Windows menu where you need to locate HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE and click on the option
  • The next step involves first locating the ‘System’ folder, followed by ‘CurrentControlSet’ and, in the end, the ‘Control’ folder. Double-click on it
  • In this folder, locate the ‘Keyboard Layout’ folder
  • In the next step, locate ‘Scancode Map’ and right-click on it. You will see multiple options in the drop-down option. Click on ‘Delete’
  • The system will send a warning of a confirmation pop-up. Click on Yes and let the system finish its task
  • Once done, close the Registry Setting box and restart the PC

2- Restart File Explorer or Windows

Restart File Explorer or Windows

File explorers is the main controller for Windows US and restarting it can sometimes solve the problem. Here are the steps to restart file explorers

  • Press the following three buttons simultaneously ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’
  • From the list of options that pop up, click on ‘Task Manager’
  • Go to the ‘Processes’ option and click on it
  • In the next lot of options, locate ‘Windows Explorer’ and right-click on it
  • The next step requires you to choose ‘End Task’
  • Now, go to the top of the windows and select ‘File’
  • You will find two options where you need to click on ‘Run new task’
  • A pop-up box will appear. Enter ‘explorer.exe’ and click on ‘Enter’

With this, we come to the understanding of how to lock/unlock Windows keys on a gaming laptop.

To Conclude:

Gaming in itself is a fun and stressful activity at the same time. Avid players spend hours mastering a game and a lot of money on investing in systems and technologies that back-ups their goal. The Windows button on the gaming laptop keyboard may be tiny but it’s extremely useful and should not be neglected. If the steps mentioned above are unable to solve your concern, we recommend taking the help of a technician.

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