Best Portable Power Stations For Long Tours

While traveling the biggest problem we all face is that how to connect with our family, friends and relatives. Isn’t it? Especially in hilly areas, there are also network problems. But when we talking about the longest journey in a car, bus or train where the signal problem is not seen too much. But what is the other problem we may face is a phone battery problem.

Yes, it is the biggest problem. In that situation, we are unable to connect with our love once. This is the problem that we all face but there is also some other issue that could be face most of the people. From example, is they are staying in the middle of the road while traveling or there is another issue with their ride e.g tire puncher or engines get heat up etc. These issues force them to stay on the side of the road.

In that case, we need the best portable power station to light up the surrounding area to make the environment secure.

We are list down some power stations or portable chargers useful while traveling.

1. Anker powerhouse 120000mah

Anker powerhouse 200

Anker is one of the most top brands who is making the best portable chargers. Their chargers are most widely used. They are making an excellent quality of power banks. Recently they launch Anker powerhouse 12000mah. Let’s go in the depth of its specs and features.

Anker powerhouse 120000mah Review

It is one of the most powerful and latest power station best for travelling or long tours. We all know we will need electricity while we are on the way to charge our cell phones, laptops, and other rechargeable devices. At that time we must have a small portable charger which could help us in need where there is no electricity to do all of these. A single LCD is installed on the front of it which show the following information. For example, how many charging left in it. And how much charge consuming.

Anker powerhouse 120000mah design

It comes in silver and black in color. The front of this power station is black and the rest of the casing is silver. There are following four USB ports and switches available to charge your phone, laptops and for other purposes e.g you can open lights, fan or projector to watch a movie. Sounds good?

Its weight is 9.26lbs, you can easy to pull it from the handle easily. Its density is 7.87 x 6.5 x 5.71 inches, you can easily adjust it in a car while going to tour.

Anker powerhouse 120000mah Specs and Features

Using Anker powerhouse 120000mah you can charge four smartphones using four USB ports at a time. You can also charge a laptop if you brought it with yourself while traveling. One European plugin installed for other rechargeable or non-rechargeable devices. 2 AC outlets are installed. A beautiful slim led screen is fixed at the front of this portable station which the information about the charging of its battery.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station – 428Wh

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Goal Zero also launched one of the power stations which you can also use while you are in traveling and on a long tour. Goal Zera Yeti 400 Lithium portable power station is a 428Wh, gives you a long backup. I have already this, then I do not think so that you ever require any other portable charger for smartphone and laptop. Let’s go in depth of its feature and explore it more so it is easy for you to buy it if you are interested in it for your next journey.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station Review

It is our second best pick of the portable power station. Both of these stations are I used by myself. With both of them, I have a wonderful experience that is why I have to share it with you. Goal Zero Yeti 400 has a more beautiful design than the Anker powerhouse.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station Design

Its weight is 29lbs which is greater than Anker powerhouse and its density is 8*10.2*8 inches which are also greater. But the main difference between both of them is in front design. There are only two USB ports and two European plugs are installed. Also, there is a DC outlet to charge its own battery. A handle on its top to pick it easily. It comes in one contrast color only green, silver and black. The front of the Yeti 400 is silver, the handle installed at a top is in green color and whole casing are in black color.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station Specs and Features

You can use two USB ports at a time to charge smartphones or any other rechargeable device. Also using European plugs you can charge laptop or emergency lights if when needed. It will give you more than 10 hours backup if you are continuously using it. Sounds perfect? Yes, it is. The battery of Goal Zero charge using the top AC outlet. It takes 13 hours to charge fully then you can use it feel free for hours. The small LED screen is installed at the middle front of the machine which shows you the following information about how much charge consuming and how much charging is left.

Our Verdict

Now it is impossible that your rechargeable devices are dead due to low charge while traveling. These mentioned power stations do not keep you far away with your phone it always keeps your phone battery full and recharged. These mentioned are the most powerful portable stations that I used and suggest it for the travelers. If you have any queries about each of them please comment below. We will back to you soon.

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