Common Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Digital Marketing This Year

Everyone makes mistakes, especially if one is doing it for the first time. However, when it comes to your digital marketing, you can fall into a rabbit hole if you didn’t do it the proper way. While a lot of information on the internet can teach you how to do it right, knowing what the most common mistakes made in digital marketing can also help you make a successful campaign.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Digital Marketing This Year

To help you, check out these of the most common digital marketing mistakes and avoid doing them at all costs.

Lack of a Marketing Plan

A lot of businesses, both small and big scale businesses fail in their digital marketing because they have no concrete digital marketing plan in the first place. You may have the best products to sell and services to offer, but without clearly defined goals and excellent strategy, all your resources will be put to waste. Having a solid marketing plan is essential since it is your detailed map for you to promote your business products or services effectively.

But how can you create an effective digital marketing plan? First and foremost, you should know your target market. There are a lot of us who don’t know how to use demographics, and because of this, you lose many potential audiences that could have been customers. You need the right traffic from a niche that can convert into clients.

If you target just about everyone, you can gain lots of visitors on your website, but a considerable percentage will not turn to customers. That and you’ll be spending money inefficiently. Creating a digital marketing plan that targets random people won’t get you anything.

Part of an effective marketing plan is knowing the people who are most likely interested in what your business is offering. You should study how to use demographics so you can further enhance your market targeting.

Having Unrealistic Goals

Another common mistake that a lot of people made when it comes to digital marketing is setting their target goal too high. One should understand that no one can build a successful digital campaign overnight. As the saying goes, you’ll need to invest tremendous effort, time, and money before you can expect a massive return from your digital marketing.

When setting up your goal, start on the SMART approach. First, be Specific. What are the things that your business wants to achieve in a specific time? For example, how many people should your digital marketing convert into customers after six months? What are your adjustments in your digital campaign to cater to different seasons of the year? By knowing your short term and long term goals, you will be able to maximize your goals and be more realistic.

Pretending to be an Expert

Digital marketing is a craft and expertise. Sure, you can spend years trying to learn all the tricks of the trade, but that may not be enough. And besides, do you even have the time to spare and patience to learn it all? For you to have an effective digital marketing campaign, we highly recommend hiring a digital marketing company that also does Citation Audit.

Why your business needs Citation Audit? It is a process of ensuring that your Business Name, Address, and Phone number are correct across all your citations in different online business listings. If you have duplicate or erroneous citations, it will hurt your business and to your digital marketing campaign as well. Incorrect citations might cause people to think that your business is not legit and not trustworthy.

Forgetting Mobile Customers

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid For Your Digital Marketing This Year

Almost everyone nowadays already owns a smartphone, and chances are, your target clients are using this type of phone right now to look for a company that offers products or services related to yours. However, if your website and ads are not mobile-friendly, then most likely that person will leave your business site and look somewhere else.

We highly recommend that your business site is mobile-friendly if you want your digital marketing to become successful. Giant search engines such as Google announces that they will give a penalty to websites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

According to them, a mobile-friendly website has a higher chance of getting into the top of SERP compared to non-mobile-friendly sites. To test if your current business website is mobile-friendly, you can use the Google Mobile-Friendly test.

Not using Social Media

Ask yourself, how many of your friends have a social media account? Then why are you not using it to promote your brand? Billions of people are already using it, and almost all of these social media websites are free to use! If you don’t use social media, then you are missing a lot.

You’ll have no idea what people are saying about the brands that are related to you, and what their current interests are. You’ll miss lots of valuable data, free advertisement, and the ability to get in touch with your potential clients.

Poor Customer Service

Even if you have great products and offer excellent services, but you have poor after-sales service, then you will most likely lose the trust of your customers. If a client goes back to your store, talks to a customer rep but was not able to resolve the issue. What happens next? You’ll receive a bad review, many will see it, and some will undoubtedly believe it.

If that one bad review was passed on by word of mouth, it can destroy your brand, lose customers, and eventually revenue. By not keeping customer experience as a priority, all your digital marketing efforts can go down the drain.

Before you launch your digital marketing campaign, remember these mistakes commonly committed by a lot of digital marketers since no one cannot expect to succeed in promoting their brand unless you avoid the items listed above. By hiring a digital marketing company, you can have at least a peace of mind and boost in confidence that you are on your way to a successful digital marketing campaign.

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