Digital Marketing For Startups – Best Strategies for 2019

Digital Marketing has become a basic requirement for every business right now. Due to the internet revolution in India, there are currently 460 million-plus internet users in India. There is a whole sea full of a market for every business, especially for startups. Digital marketing for startups in this competitive market is the best option to attract tonnes of customers to your business. Startups should adapt to the best digital marketing strategies. Unlimited platforms are available from where you can get your quality buyer. Hard work is not the only thing that pays off, one must opt for smart work. Digital Marketing for startups is all about how smart and adaptive you are.

Here we are discussing some smart and best digital marketing strategies for startups 2019.

Digital Marketing for Startups | Top 7 Strategies for 2019

Grab the Intent

All of your digital marketing is based on what customer demands. What the user is searching for? Is it related to my business? Yes, you can grab your potential buyers by understanding the intent of a customer.

digital marketing for startups

For Ex: Amit sells printed T-shirts. He owns an E-Commerce website and is not getting the desired results from his website. Vivek is a potential customer who is looking for printed Tshirts online. Vivek searches for best-printed t-shirts online. Here Amit can use google ads to trigger an ad on the keyword “best-printed t-shirts online”. Now whenever Vivek or other potential customers search for best-printed t-shirts online Amit’s ad will be triggered and Amit can easily grab the customer by showcasing some awesome printed t-shirts and giving some attracting offers.

User Experience

digital marketing for startups

Enhancing your website regularly for best user experience can be one of the best digital marketing strategies for startups and every other business. Users of your website must understand the brand name and the layout must be easy and attractive. Your website must create engagement and your brand value to build a relationship with your user. There are many examples of companies having awesome products but losing their market due to bad user experience like no secured payment mode, the speed of page loading etc. Every business and startups should add better user experience in the list of best digital marketing strategies for startups.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can play a crucial role in the branding of a company. Some social media platforms can be used for triggering sales. Social Media Marketing is all about creativity and eye-catching content. Startups can use social media marketing as one of the digital marketing strategies for startups. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram are now used by every business to create brand awareness. Social media offers direct interaction with users and potential customers. Interacting videos and images help you build your brand. Social media platforms also offer advertisement and promotion of your brand. You can use many filters to differentiate your audience. You can use ads to show the customers attractive deals and grabbing them to your website.

Creative Content

digital marketing for startups

Creative content is a solid way of engaging your audience. Information about your brand and product can be communicated to your audience by creating awesome content. Creative content will help you boost your organic traffic and reach your desired audience. Creative content is a basic tip for digital marketing for startups.

Tips for creative content:

  • 80% of the content should be about your product or service and
  • 20% of the content can be about promotional offers and sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Investing in SEO can be very fruitful for startups and every other business. Proper Search Engine Optimization will help you give a boost in the ranking of your website pages. Page optimization, Device Optimization, backlink building will be included in the SEO. Search Engine Optimization also helps in the branding of your company. Whenever a user search for a product of your niche and the top results are your pages then it will create an impact of a reputed brand in the mind of the user. SEO is the best technique to bring some quality traffic to your website organically, this strategy is a must in digital marketing for startups.

Google Ads(Pay-Per-Click Ads Marketing)

Startups with a big budget can go for google ads marketing. Google ads are proven to serve the best-filtered audience for your product. Google ads provide various audience targeting options such as location targetting, interest targetting, Affinity Audience etc. You may have collected some user data from your website or social media. You can use this audience to target them for your google ads. You can control the amount you want to spend on a particular ad. No extra amount will be charged higher than the budget you set for a targeting Ad.

Video Marketing

Videos are the best way to communicate the message to the desired audience. Videos include visual information with some audio enhancements. You can use Facebook Stories, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories for better communication with your audience. You can launch your product by publishing a video about it. As stated above use 80% content for informing about the product and 20% for the promotional content.

Answers the questions of your audience in a video format which provides a scope for better communication.

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