9 Unheard Ways to get a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Are you a newbie in Pubg and still waiting for these four magical words “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner? If you are unable to get a win Pubg after playing it Day and night, then you are at right place. I am going to explain 15 tips that you can implement in your gameplay to get a win. Let’s start-

Pick your region server carefully

When you begin Pubg, you will see the big start button to set up your game types such as classic or arcade, along with the server. So, tap on the right to choose different servers. If you’re from Asia region but try to play pubg on the North America server, then you might have laggy experience. So, before starting your game, you should check the pig first. Moreover, to get a fluid experience in playing pubg, ping for your game should be around 20MS (Milliseconds).

Adjust the Frame Rate

If your gameplay of Pubg is choppy or Pubg crashing on launch, then I advise you to change the frame rate from Normal to low. However, if you use a high-end phone then change the frame rate too high.

Note- You can find the option of changing the frame rate in the graphics settings of Pubg.

Use Gyroscope

Firstly, check that if your smartphone has a built-in gyroscope sensor. If yes! Then turn it on to move in the game using motion. The best thing is that after enabling the gyroscope sensor, it helps you to aim at your opponents when you’re using a scope or sight on a gun.

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Change Controls

PUBG Mobile allows you to change controls for both running and when in the vehicles. For changing on foot controls, go to control option in the setting of your game. However, changing the controls in Pubg is a bit buggy.

1. Change the size or location of controls:

Yes, with the latest pubg update, you can customize the in-game UI of your controls. So, to do this, you have to go to the controls section, and there you will find a customize option. Now, you have several possibilities to change the in-game UI. So, according to your choice, you can improve the size, location, and transparency of the icons. Additionally, I advise you to check the controls first before actually playing the game.

2. Use Release to Fire:

Pubg allows you to change the way you can fire a gun at your opponent. You can choose it to wither tap to shoot or release to shoot. Later, you will notice that when you use tap to kill, your aim might move slightly, but when you choose a release to shoot option, your target is likely to be a bit more steady.

Best clothes for PUBG characters:

Pubg is a battle royale game, so you should not choose your clothes according to your liking. You have your costume tactically so don’t wear flashy clothes otherwise you will be spotted by your enemy instantly. So, I recommend you to choose dresses with camouflaged or muted shades as they can give you a tactical advantage. For snowy Vikendi map, you should wear clothes with lighter colours, so I advise you to wear a white shirt in Pubg. Moreover, If you want to know about the latest games.

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Freefall with speed:

When you play pubg, one thing that you have to keep in mind that as soon jump from the aircraft, you should push your controller to your forward, and then dive towards the ground. This technique will get you to the ground faster at the speed of around 200kph.

Open your ‘chute early

After ejecting out of Aircraft, you can see several other players falling out of it. So, after seeing all this, you might want to land on a further location of around 2000M. You can do it by Poping your parachute manually and then drift a  long way across the map to your selected place.

Master the map:

You can think of the map as your best friend because it will help you in hiding, confusing and performing a sneak attack on your enemies. Moreover, I advise you to stay inside the map; otherwise, you will die slowly. If you are outside the safe zone, then drop a marker on the map, follow the compass in navigating to the secure area.

Choosing the Right Weapons

If you want to do close combat with your enemy, then e suppressed Uzi with an extended mag is the best gun as it has very high firing speed. So, when you come face-to-face with your opponent, then you can empty 35 rounds into them instantly. For medium range fighting, m416 is hard to beat as it is one of the most stable guns that is found in the game. Attach a suppressor, scope and extended mag with so that if you shoot at your enemy from 500m away, he will not be able to find your direction. If you love to snipe then, AWM is the sniper you should pick. Its bullet can penetrate enemies level 3 gelmet. Use it with 6x  or 8x scope for spotting your enemies.

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