How to Buy VoIP Telephone Numbers

A lot of companies use VoIP phone numbers. Landline phones offer significantly fewer benefits than virtual telephony gives businesses. Therefore, VoIP phone numbers have become an integral part of any company, especially international business. A virtual corporate number allows you to make regular calls and also use other features: send SMS notifications, organize conference calls, and use one number for the entire department.

How to Buy VoIP Telephone Numbers

How to get a virtual number?

Ordering a VoIP number is very easy using HotTelecom services. If you don’t know which tariff plan to choose and how to use virtual telephony, leave your request in the live chat. The company’s specialists analyze your needs and offer the best options.

The process looks something like this:

  • You create a profile on HotTelecom.
  • You consult with the manager, describing your needs.
  • You receive qualified assistance and technical advice.
  • Select the optimal tariff plan and start using HotTelecom services as usual.

For you in practice, it will look the same as a regular PBX, but the advantages are much more outstanding.

VoIP phone numbers benefits

VoIP phone numbers benefits

The quality of HotTelecom VoIP depends on the stability and speed of the Internet. So, it is advisable to allocate a separate line for telephony, especially when it comes to the sales department or the organization of specialists engaged in customer support.

The HotTelecom manager will help you install special software. If you wish, you can refuse this option and set the settings yourself. The trial version of virtual telephony allows you to familiarize yourself with the functionality and technical capabilities in advance. So, you will understand from the very beginning how convenient or suitable this service is for your business.

Other advantages:

  • Favorable tariffs according to specific needs;
  • No regional restrictions;
  • Simplified connection system;
  • Stable and high-quality communication;
  • Access to analytics, call recording, and other additional options.

Virtual numbers have a different format: local numbers, toll-free numbers (with code 800), and unique special numbers on order. You can also choose any region code. There are fewer restrictions on communication and more opportunities, so it’s time to use it to develop your business!

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