How to Increase Your Writing Productivity in 10 Steps

Writing is a difficult task; at the same time is the best thing to do. There are several reasons why and how people write. Many people write just so that they can relax and through everything out of their mind that is simply bothering them. Some people write so that they can express their thoughts and ideas with others.

Other than that, for blog writers writing is not a difficult task. As they love their work and writing is a passion for them therefore, they can do it in a perfect very easily. However, writers want to become famous through his writing and dream that people will love their work.

Therefore, it is necessary for a writer to focus on work and increase the productivity of writing in order to become famous among people. This article will describe some of the ways in which a writer and increase his writing productively to get maximum audience.

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Some of the simple steps are as follows:

1- Choose a Niche of your Interest

This is a very common and simple step in order to get started. Choosing a specific niche is necessary so that it will make your mind clear and makes you able to understand what you need to write. It will make you concentrated on your writing and will make you create the content about a specific topic.

Doing it has several other advantages like, it will not distract you from your actual topic moreover; make your audience understand easily about what you are writing. This in return generates more audience to your site which will increase the performance and hence the productivity.

2- Start with a plan

This is another major step, which contributes to increasing the productivity of writing. Planning saves a lot of time. Plan your work accordingly so that it will make you work more productively. Plan your every day night before, or in the morning before starting doing work.

While writing you should plan each and everything before so that it will save so much time. You should have a proper plan about

  • Jotting down a writing idea
  • Gathering all useful stuff about your idea
  • Writing
  • Scheduling
  • Posting

Including all these steps in your planner to produce a creative blog will help you write more productively.

3- Turn off all the Distractions

Next step to increase productivity is to cut off with all those things, which are distracting you from your path. The main distraction while working online is all these websites that present attractive stuff that simply distracts all the attention from current work. To avoid such situation and to concentrate completely on work one can block websites on mac and windows and focus on just on one thing that is writing. This will increase productivity in less time easily.

4- Make a habit

Make writing your habit and keep on practicing it constantly. For beginners who just started writing and simply want to take it to next level in less time. Then they have to make it a constant habit. Concentrate on writing every single day, improve your mistakes, and make sure not to repeat the mistakes.

This will improve your writing skills as well as increase your productivity of writing. Moreover will make you a pro blogger in less time.

5- Keep Yourself Motivated

Another step, which contributes to increasing the writing productivity, is to make yourself always motivated. Whether whatever the circumstances may be, keep yourself always motivated. This will force you to work with more concentration and true passion. Hence, it will increase your productivity within less time.

6- Set Goals

Another important step in this respect is setting goals in front of you. This is one of the best step, which allows you to work in a more productive way. Goals help a person stick on a specific task and to complete it in an easy way.

While writing your main goals should be:

  • Attracting more readers to your Blogs
  • Take your blogs to a higher level
  • Become famous among maximum people
  • Increase the productivity of your articles

By sticking to all these goals and working on them constantly will help you achieve a higher rank and become a popular writer, as well as this will increase the productivity of your writing.

7- Organize and Concentrate

The next step, which helps a writer to increase productivity, is to organize your work properly. Organizing each task effectively will help you work more efficiently as well make you perform each task in a better way.

After organizing your whole schedule of writing next concentrate on it completely in order to get the best outcome. Concentrating on your specific tasks to achieve your goals is simply the easiest way, which can increase your writing productivity.

8- Concentrate on a single task at a time

Just concentrating on a single task at a time is a simple way to increase productivity. What some people do is they start working on several tasks at a time; as a result, they completely fail to fulfill any single one of them in a perfect manner. This disturbs the whole work cycle and as a result, they lack in productivity.

Avoiding multitasking and concentrating on a single task at a time will be helpful in achieving goals and work properly according to a proper plan. This simply increases writing productivity as well.

9- Take sufficient breaks

Do not try to overburden yourself; this will simply destroy the productivity of your work as well as you might lost interest. In order to avoid all these circumstances to affect your work, you should take relative breaks from your work. Spend that time in a way that completely relaxes your mind. Do exercise; go shopping, and visit your friends do what else that makes you feel relaxed and calm.

This will help you work more productively and simple increase writing productivity.

10- Consistency is the key

Do not forget that consistency is the key so never neglect this important step in order to increase the visibility and productivity of your work. Consistency in creating and sharing your content is the best way that can increase the productivity of writing in an easy way.


To increase the productivity of your work for a better outcome there is a need to follow some simple steps. Focusing on these steps will help you perform your writing task efficiently this in result will increase the productivity of your writing. Every writer wants to have fame and these steps will allow a writer to achieve this in a perfect way.

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