How to Playing Betting Online in SBOBET

This time in our article, we want to discuss and give a little information to all of you who like to play online soccer gambling. Maybe all of you already know what games are available at But do you also know all the functions of the menu in the sbobet agen bola game? Or do you understand how to read the market and kei in every game in the sportsbook?

For easy understanding, we have provided images that you might be able to know later. First we can start with the yellow box on the top right, now you can see the amount of credit or how many coins in your account. Remember that the coins or credit in soccer online accounts is per 100 means Rp.100.000 . For you who play sbobet soccer online for the first time, please pay attention to your pair’s nominal before betting.

For the next step, you can see the red box that we have marked in the upper left of the image, there are some menus that you might not have known all this time.

Explanation of the menu / buttons in sportsbook

The following explanation of some of the menus that we have marked with red box are :

My Bets: In this menu you can see how many bets you have placed. For you who confused which team join the game, you can immediately click on my bets menu.

Statement: For this menu you can see your partner's history data that has been finished, to find out whether the partner you are betting on wins or loses. Beside that, in this menu you can see the transaction history that has passed up to one week ago.

Balance: Balance is a place where you can calculate the amount of your loss or the number of wins you have played since you first joined and played in

Announcements: For this menu you can see reports or events that allow the bookie to cancel you or your current partner’s bet. Because in a match possibly when you bet in there are could be a problem with bad weather conditions, or even riots occur in the field, so that all reports will be notified through this menu.

Types of betting online that can be played.

For the third sign with a brown box, there are several types of products offered.

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