Key Zoho CRM Integrations with Other Zoho Apps

Zoho CRM is a great tool for enterprises to grow a high performing sales team and maintain the growth as well. It is one of the most famous and widely used CRM solutions around the world with thousands of companies using it to improve their overall performance. There are several Zoho CRM partners that can help you with the integration journey and help you in spending less time managing the software and more time managing the business.

Key Zoho CRM Integrations

No matter what your business is, Zoho is a comprehensive business app suite that can provide solutions for one or more of your business needs. While it covers everything from sales to accounting to support, you might find yourself looking for other business apps that have different functionalities or features. This is why the Zoho integrations marketplace exists. This gives businesses the ability to work with their Zoho partner and integrate different apps with Zoho CRM. There are more than 100 integrations to choose from but here are some of the key integrations that a business would need.

Key Zoho CRM Integrations

Integration of Zoho CRM with Office Suites

  • Google Apps

This integration gives access to Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google calendar, Google meet and more.

  • Microsoft Office

Zoho CRM allows integration with MS Office documents with access to its spreadsheets, documents, presentations and databases.

  • PandaDoc

Manage your entire document lifecycle from inside the Zoho CRM.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Telephony

  • Ring Central

Ringe central introduced single-click dialling, automatic call logging, and screen pop-ups for incoming calls to improve the customer experience while making or receiving phone calls with Zoho integration.

  • Twilio

With the Twilio integration, users can send personalized or bulk messages or SMS to their contacts and leads.

  • SuperReceptionist – Knowlarity

Listen to call recordings, receive calls, and make outbound calls from the modules of Zoho CRM with Cloud Telephony integration.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Events Softwares

  • GoToWebinar

Provides details like the date, attendees, polls, surveys, faqs and more about your webinar to the users.

  • GoToMeeting

Talk to clients, employees, leads, and contacts with integrated audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities in the CRM.

  • Zoom

Connect and collaborate with team members, new hires, leads, and other contacts through the video-conferencing tool.

  • Zoho Meeting

Get on video calls and meet face to face with contacts with the Zoho CRM. Use the events module to create, launch, and view meetings.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Finance Apps

  • Quickbooks

Use Quickbooks for Zoho CRM to eliminate double entry completely.

  • Xero2Zoho

Users have access to rich drag-and-drop reporting tools in the CRM to connect with customers, collaborate with colleagues and grow their business.

  • Saasu

Use Microsoft’s Office Extension to mail merge documents instantly.

  • Zoho Books

Get a 360-degree view of customer data and share it with your sales team through Zoho Books.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Quote Management Apps

  • Proposify

Streamline creation of sales documents like quotes, contracts, and more with the help of the business proposal software, Proposify.

  • QuoteWerks

Sync contacts and quotes between Zoho CRM and QuoteWerks directly.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Document Signers

  • Docu Sign

Use Zoho CRM integration to quickly complete approvals and agreements with the e-signature functionality.

  • Adobe Sign

Zoho CRM can provide every signature on time to the users.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Marketing Software

  • MailChimp

See campaign information and sync MailChimp lists.

  • Marketo

Sync leads between the Zoho CRM and Marketo easily.

  • Google Ads

Keep a check of which campaigns and keywords are responsible for offline sales by importing your Google Ads marketing investments into the CRM

Integration of Zoho CRM with Lead Followup Apps

  • Leadfeeder

Discover how companies are finding you, which companies are visiting your website, and what content they see within the CRM.

  • Address Locator

Provide the sales team with geo-location information to manage campaigns by geographical area and locate leads on Google Maps directly inside the Zoho CRM.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Collaboration Apps

  • Slack

Get updates on various deals from your sales team automatically through Zoho CRM.

  • Zoho Projects

Manage projects contextually within Zoho CRM with the Zoho Projects integration.

  • Zoho Cliq

Stay updated on CRM activities by quickly collaborating with your team.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Social Media

  • Facebook Advertisements

Allows users to sync Accounts, Campaigns, Advert sets, and Facebook Adverts.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Prospects and their LinkedIn information is visible in the CRM and users can push CRM leads to the Sales Navigator as well.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Storage Apps

  • Dropbox

Integration with Dropbox to sync, access, manage and share all files related to records in Zoho CRM.

  • Box

Sync, access, manage and share all CRM records and files with the Box integration.

  • Google Drive

Integration with Google Drive also gives users access to files associated with Zoho CRM.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Messaging Apps

  • SMS Magic

Automate SMS sending, SMS templates, MMS capabilities and send two-way bulk or single messages right from the CRM.

  • Burst SMS

Send and receive SMS. Use predefined SMS templates or create custom messages for sending an SMS. Use the CRM to set up SMS automation as well.

  • WhatsApp

Send messages on WhatsApp redirecting to WhatsApp Web or Desktop.

Integration of Zoho with Productivity Apps

  • Kanban Board

Get Kanban board for Zoho CRM for a better picture of your sales pipeline progress.

  • Front

Use Front to view, create, and update Zoho customer records. Get context on your tasks, accounts, contacts, and leads next to every message.

Integration of Zoho CRM with Connectivity Apps

  • Zapier

Interlink your Zoho CRM apps.

  • PieSync

Keep the contacts in your cloud apps in sync, two-way and in real-time with PieSync.

For a lot of businesses, the Zoho CRM price and total cost of implementation can look like a mammoth figure at the beginning. But considering all the features the CRM provides and the ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party apps to keep the business running smoothly, the cost can be justified in the long run. With several Zoho CRM partners available to collaborate with, businesses need to have a clear sense of the objectives and how Zoho will help them achieve those objectives.

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