Know the Effects and Best Solutions For Electronic Waste

In our country, electronic waste is one of the most important as well as burning topics & has now turned into one of the major topics. Disposal or Non-Disposal of e-waste has actually turned out to be a global cause for concern. It is one of the fastest growing sources of pollution in the world adding to the presence of other toxic substances which can and are contaminating the environment & threatening human health if the discarding protocols are not scrupulously managed.

electronic waste
Electronic waste

Sustainable Development is the need of the hour and the base of the future, this is something that everyone is aware of and this is what basically the government in every country across the globe is worried about. However, there is more worrying, more talking and less implementation. And although the government is actually trying to bring some changes, there are certain things that can be done at a personal level to actually help in the cause of sustainable development along with keeping the electronic waste concern in check.

What is an electronic waste?

This development in electronic waste also makes sense as we can see the ever & rapidly increasing rate in technology which is also continuing to grow steadily and exponentially. However, this is also a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how advanced the technology, it does grow to be obsolete after a certain period of time. The discarded technology is actually what turns out to be an electronic waste.

Electronic waste
Electronic waste

What are the effects of electronic waste?

The three Rs- Reduce, reuse & recycle are basically used in context or in terms of paper, plastic or glass basically. Even though e-waste is one of the most dangerous items considered when discarded, it is barely seen or taken to be in that context. This reassurance evolves from a false sense of security that comes with our electronics – the thinking that they are harmless.

All the electronic components contain harmful items such as leads, beryllium, and cadmium or brominated flame retardants. There might also be the presence of some of the article components that might also be harmful to the environment. If these items are not properly handled – they can cause serious damages – neurological, to organs – severe illness & this is not only for the workers those who handle them, this is equally harmful to everyone as they release harmful gases which when mixed in the atmosphere, contaminate it. For more information, visit –

Solutions For Managing Electronic Waste

Now, since everyone is aware of how harmful electronic waste is for the environment. What is that we can do for managing it? E-Recycling which is more or less known as electronic recycling is the answer to this problem. Now, what is e-recycling? E-cycling is reusing, or the division for reuse of pieces of electronic equipment & also their components at the end of the e-cycle.

Now, comes the actual problem of how to manage electronic waste at a personal level? Here are some tips that will actually very easily let you know and understand the basic of e-waste management.

  • Buy Less – Probably one of the biggest causes of e-waste is us buying electronic things that are not actually needed or required. All we need to do is stop and actually think that it is needed or not & then decide.
  • Donating – You might want to donate or give away your e-waste to those who can actually use it instead of just throwing it away.
  • Take back Or Sell – You might also take them back to the store you have brought it from or just resell it, becomes a win-win situation!

So, here are some of the basic ways and information about electronic waste.

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