6 Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Plan

Curating a digital marketing plan is not an easy task and there needs to be a proper format for that. Not bragging about anything else here, let’s get right to the 6 steps we believe are necessary to create a digital marketing plan. Have a look:

digital marketing

Current situation of the company and the market

For a marketing plan to work properly, the first thing we must do is analyze our situation and the trends in the sector. Knowing the virtues and shortcomings of the competition, the characteristics of the market and the moment that our brand passes with respect to it will allow us to locate niches in which to position ourselves.

Objectives and KPIs

Then, we set our quantitative objectives like number of clients, income, and time of permanence, etc. and qualitative (brand recognition, positioning, transmission of certain values, etc.) According to that benchmark.

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Target audience

The next step is to locate and analyze our target audience so that we know it to the extent that we can establish a strategy to successfully impact them.

Tools like the Customer Journey will help us identify the opportunities for points of contact that our public can have with the brand, from the time they see it for the first time until they make the conversion (a purchase for example). We can even go further and plan how you will recommend us to other users.

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Own media: such as the brand’s website, social media profiles, the newsletter or other actions, such as brand events.

Paid media: advertising media, whether online or offline; in Social Networks, third-party websites, print or digital press, TV, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Media gained: those third-party media in which our brand can have a presence, such as blogs, profiles of social networks of influencers, press, etc.


A digital marketing agency in Pakistan must know where what and who we want to communicate is a time to determine the specific actions of our digital marketing plan. Here the options are endless and will depend on the specific objectives set.

To divide the shares according to the intention and the time of the consumer is usually used we use the funnel or funnel conversion. With it, actions are grouped around 5 phases: brand awareness, generation of interest, decision making, purchase, and loyalty.


Finally, as we mentioned before, technology allows us to know the results of our digital marketing plan through data and analysis. This process must cover both quantitative and qualitative inputs.

Unlike quantitative analytics, which can be performed by a computer program that accounts for certain parameters, the qualitative requires the direct intervention of an analyst who interprets the data and offers an insight.

This combination of data not only allows us to measure the success of our digital marketing plan but also to learn and make decisions for future actions. At this time, the process begins again.

Now you know founding a successful SEO agency in Pakistan needs a digital marketing plan is essential if you want your business to have some opportunity among the oversized offer of existing products and services.


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