NBA 2K21 Guide – The Best Way To Get VC In NBA 2K21

As NBA 2K21 Next Gen has been released and achieved good reputations, VC is required more than ever to upgrade your Player, buy jumpshots, dribble dances, animations and all their clothes in the game. These are just some of the most important stuff you need to do with VC, because without VC you won’t be able to do much in this game. Meanwhile, NBA 2K21 MT also is an important game currencies. But don’t worry, we bring you the easiest and shortest ways to get VC today.

NBA 2K21 Guide

1. Warehouse Challenge

Press Press Start and then go to the town page, then go to the 2K newspaper. You’ll see a lot of different individuals mentioned, actually these are AIs. You will do 24 separate challenges. For each of these AIs, there are three obstacles. Each of the tasks is 750 VC, so 24 challenges come out for all of them to 18 000 VC. These challenges are simple and not too long to complete. Per obstacle, it’s potentially five minutes. And click the right button, these objective obstacles are often present. This are the obstacles of the park. Offer you VC, too. Goal obstacles AIs have marks of blue exclamation across their heads. Find the residents of the town that is the AI in the city with an orange/yellowish dot above your head. In the forest, you will find them. If you have problems locating AIs, just Google, several people have created maps to display them and share them on social media. Anyway, embrace their challenge after you discover them. All of them are in the city centre.

2. MyCareer

The easiest way to win VC easily is to play MyCareer in NBA 2K21. Any MyCareer game gives you VC coins by performance such as shooting, receiving help or collecting rebonds. The more shots, support and rebounds you gather, the more VC in a single game you can make. Furthermore, if you have your MyCareer character at the NBA, after every game you can earn a fixed VC salary. Again, note that the greater the difficulty, the more VC your player receives.

3. Ante-Up Event

This is a good way especially if you’re good at the game. But then you really don’t want to do this if you’re poor at the game. The Ante-Up Case is basically the point, but there’s not a stage operating in 2K21 Next Gen. This year’s an affair. Beforehand is typically 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., but essentially it is midnight. It’s six hours running. It’s all evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can bet on your VC, play a game of 750 VC or 2000 VC if you want to play the Ante-Up AKA point. You forfeit your VC if you lose. But you get more VC if you win. Basically, you duplicate it. So it’s up to you, risky. We wouldn’t suggest that if you haven’t updated your player, or you don’t have a ton of badges, don’t do this process. And it’s when the strongest players in the community compete and attempt to steal the VC of the novice. But if you aren’t the greatest in the players, don’t do this.

4. Simulation Game In MyLeague

In NBA 2K21 there are several other approaches you might acquire VC. One approach is to simulate MyLeague playing. When you want to simulate a game, on that date press A/X to ensure that you choose Simcast Live. Here you’ll watch the game simulation and players’ motions on the court, and only step up Simulate Pace if you want to increase it, by going right stick to the right. Each game is supposed to net you approximately 150 VC, which is not bad for simple money.

5. The Recent Core

Click the central button on the controller to bring the screen up, draw the map up, head to the center of town, you’ll see the Rec Center and join it. The Rec also depends on whether you have a half player and a game player. By Rec playing, you can get close to a thousand VC.

6. Park

The park is not a good way to get VC easily, but it is a continuous way to get VC. You’re going to get around 200 to 300 VC per park game, so it’s not that sweet, compared to MyCareer and some other methods. But you can still play park to get 300 VC per game.

So this is all about the top 6 methods for acquiring VC in NBA 2K21 and if you need cheap and legit NBA 2K MT and NBA 2K MT PS5, check out the exclusive deal from!

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