Pros and Cons of Hiring Amazon Product Sourcing Agent in China

Amazon Product sourcing agent is the helping hand for you that helps you in sourcing the products from China. The main job of the sourcing agent is to assist you in finding the suppliers/manufacturers from China, accommodating the best prices for you, quality control and also helps you in the shipment of the products.

However, the sourcing agent can be an individual or an established firm that will help you in the sourcing of products from China. This article will let you acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a sourcing agent. The pros and cons of sourcing agents help you make decisions to hire or not for your business, and those pros and cons are described below.

Amazon Product Sourcing Agent in China


Reduced Product Cost

The prices of the products, that are mostly found online are set with the additional profit of the suppliers while the manufacturers can give the same product at a lesser price. The sourcing agent, from China, can find the manufacturers located nearer and the additional profit will be cut off. You will get the same products at lower rates with the help of the sourcing agent. The sourcing agent will help you to find the low-cost manufacturers instead of that you find online suppliers that also keep their own margin in the prices.

Save the Time

The time to contact the suppliers from China takes a lot of time because you need to get the contact details and then, approaching the suppliers takes a lot of time. The sourcing agent will make your work smoother and will update you throughout the process of sourcing products from the supplier to the inventory. It will save a bunch of time for you and also help you to do the work easily from outside China with the help of the sourcing agent.

Product Quality Measures

In the same order, you cannot visit the manufacturing firm of the suppliers to measure the products’ quality, and you will need to get a sample first, from the supplier, to check the quality of the product. However, the sourcing agent will help in this process by measuring the quality of the products through the visit of the manufacturing area of the suppliers. The sourcing agency will update you regarding the quality of the products, and you will be notified at your place regarding the issues in the variety of products with the help of sourcing agent.

Cuts off the Communication/Language Barrier

The sourcing agency also helps you in better communication with the suppliers and the problem of different languages will be solved with the help of a sourcing agency. The sourcing agent will deliver your message and situation to the supplier more effectively and explain the requirements than you can. So, the sourcing agent also breaks the communication barrier between you and your suppliers. Click here to explore more advantages and features of product sourcing agent.


Secret Commissions

Some of the sourcing agents also make the deals with the manufacturers to give them business’ advantages by getting some commission from them. In this way, the sourcing agent gets the commission from both sides, and it may also compromise the quality of the products that will be the root of damaging your business. This became very common in China, and sourcing agents are making money from both sides and don’t care about your business.

Supplier’s Contacts Details

One of the main issues of hiring a sourcing agent is also that the agent keeps the contact details of the suppliers and shipment firms and gets the profits on each order. The agent doesn’t share the contact details of suppliers and shipping firms, both, and your business becomes totally dependent on the sourcing agent. You cannot continue your business by elimination your sourcing agent.

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