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How to register at Uber, and become a Partner Driver

Uber Registeration

The Uber application has already generated many conflicts and news, but what we can not deny is that it has become a very safe service, and much cheaper than the taxi service. And if you are interested in knowing how to be a Uber driver keep an eye on the tips.

Take a Look at Uber Driver Requirements and Guide

Step by Step to Become a UBER Driver

To register in the UBER click here, but read carefully the following steps:

  • Step 1: First, to be a driver you need to have more than 2 years of qualification, which makes it clear that it is not possible to be a partner still holding the temporary CNH. You can request to send the Definitive CNH in the Detran of your city.
  • Step 2: However, those who have been licensed for more than two years need to include the “Exercise Pay Activity” observation, but this is not difficult, if you just move to a Time Savings or Ciretran unit closer to you, the second step is to do again the psycho-technical examination, but yes it is obligatory in that case, after all you will transport passengers.
  • Step 3: It is necessary to have the vehicle, in the case of the vehicle, it does not need to be in your name, it is enough that the owner agrees with the public use of it and that all documents and licenses are up to date, otherwise your registration will not be accepted.
  • Step 4: It is necessary to have an Insurance App Uber, which is a face-to-face insurance aimed at the safety of passengers and drivers that has coverage for accidental death or disability by accident of up to R $ 50,000.00.

This is the minimum amount required by the company. The insurance amount is not high, about R $ 82.00, and you do not have to do it for your insurer, Uber herself indicates Austera Seguros, and you can apply online.

  • Step 5: You need to submit your criminal records, which is easily required online at the Federal Police website.
  • Step 6: After all the prepared documents, just make your registration on the website and upload all the documentation.
  • Step 7: Then your documents will be all analyzed and the follow-ups of everything is done by email, there are no phones to contact.
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If there is any talk in your city they will confirm and invite you also by email.

They will also send you a one-page link for a video course and an online test, all for you to be able to develop the service, and if you have a low test score you risk being disapproved, quite the attention.

The link will also be sent to you to download the partner application on your phone.

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Difference from Uber Black and Uber X, How does it work?

For those who do not know the difference between the three modalities of Uber, it is simple to differentiate, see below:

Uber Black are the larger cars, Sedan, SUV. In this category all cars are required to have leather seats and air conditioning, some of which may hold more than 5 people. Usually these cars are black or silver. The rate of this modality is the highest.

Uber X is already a simpler car category, in which case you can order a car and come with a Citroen C3, Uno (new models), or even older Sedan cars. But in all cases of Uber mode the cars are four doors and with air conditioning, this to ensure the comfort of its customers. In this category the color of the car is free.

Uber Pool is nothing more than the Uber X mode with hitchhiking. When choosing your vehicle, just select Uber Pool and share your trip with another passenger who has the destination similar to yours. You save a little more!

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It is normal for you to use Uber and the driver offers you a bullet, a charger or a bottle of fresh water, and he can open the car door for you.

How much can I earn driving with Uber?

For people who wish to become a Uber partner driver, or are already registered and still have questions about the earnings.

Of course it all depends on the amount of hours you work, and this period is totally flexible, it is you who determines the time and period to be work. I know drivers who work a period of 8 hours a day that can bill up to R $ 7,000.00 per month.

But do not forget that all the expenses with the car, maintenance and gasoline and documentation are on the owner’s account.

Meet the new mobility the Uber Pool

And at the end of 1 week the Uber Pool modality was implemented, which is a shared travel system for Uber X drivers, which is like a common Uber X trip but shared by more than one passenger with similar routes. At the end of the trip the driver will receive the sum of the two trips.

The application allows you to make long or short trips independently whether it’s Uber Black or Uber X.

Newly released by the application was UberCOPTER. Nothing less than Helicopter transport.

For this the user needs to access the application, and clicking on the UberCOPTER option is redirected to the Airbus website, where a registration must be made with information such as full name, CPF, weight and cell number.

Registration ready The platform calculates the helipad closest to the user and sends a UberBlack to search for it.

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There are currently nine helipads available, boarding and disembarkation trips can only be made between them.

They are: Sheraton WTC hotels, Blue Tree Faria Lima and Transamérica, ABC Hangar, Campo de Marte and Guarulhos, Congonhas and Viracopos airports (Campinas).

Confirmed the request the passenger receives a text message.

The service is available from the 13th of June and is available from 7am to 8pm seven days a week.

If you have already tried this service leave a comment for those who are curious to know more about this new application.

What is Ubereats

Ubereats is a food delivery service made by uber, which can be done by bike, motorbike or on foot.

The new modality of the company has been available since 13/12/2016. Interested restaurants, delivery partners and customers need to register and be approved, as well as all Uber processes.

You can register at the link

You deliver partner if you register here, and if you are already registered in uber just use the same data to access

And the customer who wants to enjoy the services is registered on this other link In addition to making your registration you need to download the application on your mobile phone

Now that you know the basic questions of how to register Uber in all modalities of the company do not waste time. Further in-depth information will be given in the online course.

Tips from an active Uber partner. I think you’d like to drive with Uber. Here’s a special invitation to start

Guest post provide by Vitor Santos from Clubdadica – o que precisa para ser uber

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