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Office Security System Guide

The recurrence of cases related to theft in organizations has made the demand for electronic security systems ever increasing.

According to the Values Transport Companies Association, the state of São Paulo represents 46% of the total number of attacks in Brazil since 2009. An alarming fact that has taken many businessmen’s sleep.

On the other hand, the protection market provides a series of institutional protection mechanisms. They are electronic security systems that ensure the lives of workers. Here’s how these tools can take institutions out of the sight of theft specialists:

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Auto Cancel

One is deceived who believes that the use of the automatic gate delimits to the condominiums, the malls and the parking lots. It is important to know that the automatic gate can also be used in companies where there is an intense flow of cars. Being a discreet means of protection, the automatic gate facilitates the control of vehicles that circulate through the company.

Automated gate

This is highly recommended feature for companies where vehicles with loads come and go regularly. With the automatic gate the driver does not have to jump out of the car to open it. It simply opens the remote input with the help of the remote control. This avoids exposure to the eyes of criminals.


Biometrics is one of the most efficient modern security tools. It is through the digital reading or facial recognition present in this system that people can access specific places.

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Biometrics offers three special advantages:

Low cost compared to other forms of access control;

Practical use, because the person does not have to waste time passing card the other mode of recognition to have access to a certain place;

High security is one of the great attractions of biometrics, since it is basically impossible for someone without permission to access a protected place.

Security camera

What is the place that does not have cameras these days, does it? We live on a reality show where we’re watched all the time. From this perspective, the security camera system is adopted for the monitoring of companies. With closed circuit TV, CCTV, in addition to observing who enters and leaves the organization, it is possible to see instantly the occurrence of unforeseen situations.

24 hour monitoring

24-hour monitoring is the procedure employed after installation of the surveillance camera circuit. It is remote surveillance through telephone lines, radio signals, GRPS and IP connected to the alarm system. When an incident occurs, the information is transmitted directly to the monitoring center which, depending on the case, triggers the police or the first aid.

Regardless of the type of organization, electronic security systems should be considered. With the increasing specialization of gangs in theft, it becomes necessary to protect corporations against the attack of these groups. Fortunately, Ser-Tel provides a set of mechanisms that value business protection.

When can electronic surveillance be used in a court case?

Electronic surveillance has become popular in the security sector precisely because it is an effective security system to prevent and record criminal practices in companies. Every day new technologies and resources appear that preserve both the company’s assets and its employees.

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Electronic Surveillance

Devices such as security cameras keep track of everything that happens in businesses. This security system can be very useful to serve as evidence in a process. However, when and how are these tests valid? In this article we clarify this question so common in these cases.

Image Quality: One of the most important factors in determining whether a security system such as security cameras serves as evidence in a process is image quality. Among electronic surveillance equipment, cameras are the most popular. However, it is necessary to have a certain quality in the images so that it is possible to see people and actions.

Storage Capacity: To ensure the quality of the images of the security cameras, one factor that must be taken into consideration is the storage. The more data you need to store, the more storage you will need. So you need to do a study to find out how long it is possible to keep stored images without losing quality.

Quantity of equipment: other important information when it comes to electronic surveillance is the amount of equipment. The more equipment the more data will be generated and, consequently, the more storage capacity will be required. A trained professional will know how many pieces of equipment will be needed to cover the company’s safety.

Positioning of the cameras: to obtain images that serve as evidence in processes it is necessary to have a good positioning of the security cameras. As much as you have a good security system, it needs to capture useful content. Therefore, it is necessary to position the equipment in strategic points of the company.

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Skilled staff: however none of these measures will be effective without a specialized team to maintain and manipulate such data. Without the right professionals, records can be lost or made unusable for use in a legal process.

Patrimonial security planning

Investing in an electronic surveillance system is very important for the security of a company. However, hiring the right provider of this service is even more important. That’s because to maintain a system like this, you need knowledge and preparation. Security is concerned with making a detailed study of your customers’ security needs to determine what equipment will be needed to register and protect your business.


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