Easy Techniques To Remove Background From Images

How is FocoClipping Better than Others?

Remove Background online

Users had to be quite professional to use Adobe Photoshop, which at the time was the most efficient photo editing software. But at the moment, users can utilize a variety of toolkits on their Mac OS and Windows without investing a dime. To help readers know how to remove picture backgrounds, this blog will introduce readers to three top-notch photo editing tools and include how-to guides for each of them.

FocoClipping is a free, all-in-one online backdrop removal tool that enables users to automatically remove the background from portraits, products, and graphics. To make clipped photographs ideal, it also offers dedicated capabilities, such as photo editors to repair, polish, crop, throw shadows, touch up hair details, and add outlines.

Why is FocoClipping prominent among Users?

1. Automatic Background Remover

Automatic Background Remover

For many seasoned photographers, erasing background from images has always been a daily task. But why pick pixels when FocoClipping can remove the backdrop of a photo in just three seconds? FocoClipping shoots more pictures, saves time, and handles maximum laborious work!

2. Accelerate the Workflow

Accelerate the Workflow

FocoClipping’s batch image background removal and API integration take care of the laborious and repeated effort involved in photo editing. Now give creativity more time to go wild.

3. Free from Green Screen Instantly

Free from Green Screen Instantly

One doesn’t need to design a chromatic surrounding that exactly matches the lighting circumstances when using FocoClipping. Now snap photos anywhere users are – in their messy home, under a cloudy night sky, or on a busy street and use FocoClipping to easily eliminate the background and replace it with a fresh, personalized one.

The Simplest Method to Remove Background from Pictures (Online & Free)

The FocoClipping Tool:

The FocoClipping Tool

One can only wonder to how far professional-grade software and programs can go when it comes to editing and transforming an image. However, in cases when all are pressed for time, those are frequently subscription-based and might be a little challenging and time-consuming for a novice or an individual. Therefore, FocoClipping is introduced, which will greatly assist users in easily removing the backdrop from an image.

Key Features

  • The UI of FocoClipping is very simple to use.
  • Users can use one of more than 10 ready-made themes as the background of their photograph.
  • Additionally, users can use millions of colors as the background of an image.
  • Linux, Windows, and Mac are compatible.
  • Add shadow effects or crop the pictures.

#1. Steps for Removing background by FocoClipping

  • Step 1

The website is accessible at https://www.fococlipping.com. The webpage will appear as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Step 2

Once on the website homepage, click the “Upload Image” button, and then use the dialogue box to choose the image from the computer. The image will now immediately open in the BG remover when clicked on the open button.

  • Step 3

The website will largely eliminate all of the image backgrounds when the picture is opened in this automatic image viewer. Using the preview windows, users may compare the original and edited images to see the differences. The website’s AI will be used to remove the backdrop from the removed photo.

  • Step 4

If the selected picture still needs additional tweaking since it isn’t ideal, go to the website’s Manual Remove option. To polish the image, utilize the manual removal tools erase, keep, remove, refine the edge, define the edge, and do hair touchup.

  • Step 5:

Once the removal process is finished, users can click the “Download” option. Users will be prompted by the website to save the image in the .png or .jpg format. Users are free to pick anyone.

#2. Steps to Manually Remove Background

Steps to Manually Remove Background

In addition to “Smart Remove,” FocoClipping also offers “Manual Remove” if the results of “Smart Remove” do not meet users’ needs. “Manual Remove” typically applies to pictures with complicated backgrounds and foregrounds. Users may learn how to manually remove image backgrounds by reading the following guide.

  • Step 1:

Upload the Picture

Visit the official FocoClipping website, then select the photo to upload by clicking ‘Upload Image.’

  • Step 2:

Select ‘Manual Remove’

The AI FocoClipping tool will start to operate once the picture has been loaded. Leave this quick procedure alone and select “Manual Remove” from the editing interface’s left top menu. The question “This will discard modifications, continue?” will then appear up; simply click “Ok.”

  • Step 3:

Begin the “Manual Remove” Procedure

Begin the “Manual Remove Procedure

Click the red mark tool to “eliminate” the undesired backdrop, and then click the blue mark tool to “keep” the object in the photo. Then watch for the AI technology to work. The cropped photos will appear on the right side of the editing interface in a short while.

Tips for Manual Removal:

Tip 1:

Don’t over-mark, and be sure to keep firmly inside the foreground and background.

Tip 2:

Use the “Eraser” tool to reduce the marked area if one has unintentionally marked a lot with red and blue tools.

Tip 3:

Users may use “Undo” or “Start over” at any point during the “Manual Remove” procedure to return to the previous step or completely restart the manual removal process.

Tip 4:

There are “Drag” tools and (Zoom in) and (Zoom out) buttons underneath the editor interface, which users may use to easily change the image’s size.

  • Step 4:

Adjust & Modify

To determine whether it needs more alterations, users may then contrast the before and after photos in this editor interface. To naturally integrate the matting edge into the backdrop, click “Refine Edge” and then “Feather Edge” to tweak the roller.

  • Step 5:

Download the cut-out image

To get the final cropped image when removing the image backdrop manually is complete, click the “Download” option. Users might select the JPG format for a lesser file size and a white background or the PNG format for a transparent background.

#3. Steps to Remove White BG Online by FocoClipping (Free)

Steps to Remove White BG Online by FocoClipping (Free)

One might question, “How to get rid of the white backdrop in pictures?” Well, if users have the FocoClipping tool, the simplest online background remover, it is not difficult. The background’s white hue could be better off being removed. It is also quite simple to replace it with the background of choosing. Below is the well-explained process.

Direction to Remove White BG Online by FocoClipping (Free):

Direction to Remove White BG Online by FocoClipping (Free)

Step 1:

Access FocoClipping. Users can use Google to search or click the link to FocoClipping.

Step 2:

Choose a picture with a white BG. Let’s give it some color.

Step 3:

The white background will no longer be seen in the image. Users can now choose to leave their image as-is or give it another background or a different color.

Step 4:

Users can select the backdrop button on the screen (right side) to add some extra flavor to the image. There, users will discover a variety of colors and background designs. Users can either upload a background of their choice or select one from the templates provided.

Step 5:

Lastly, download the picture on the computer and complete the process.

FocoClipping – The Best Online Tool

With the help of FocoClipping, users can now remove backgrounds from photographs online for free. It really is among the simplest and most efficient online backdrop removers. Users won’t need to buy any further tools if they use this one. It has every attribute required of a backdrop remover. Users can alter it in addition to removing the backdrop, though. It is always reliable!

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