Requirements to Become an Insurance Agent

Becoming an insurance agent and selling insurance policies is rewarding, has great growth potential, and is a great way to begin a new career or a much-needed change. If you do know, and you believe you have what it takes, and you’ve explored changing careers, you’re probably wondering how to go about it. Here are some fundamental steps to obtaining a license and starting your insurance profession:

Become an Insurance Agent

Requirements To Become An Insurance Agent

  • A license: Don’t worry! To assist you to succeed, several carriers provide free or cheap pre-licensing study materials. You may need a license depending on the sort of coverage you work with. Specifics vary by state; your local recruiter can provide you with information on the requirements for your location.
  • A carrier that supports you. Okay, technically, this isn’t a must. When you work for a carrier that prioritizes agent development, you’ll discover how to turn your adaptability, eagerness to learn, and ability to connect with people into a successful career.

How to Become an Insurance Agent

Step 1: Choose the type of insurance you’d like to sell.

The first step is to decide on the type of insurance you wish to specialize in. Here is the list of the most common insurance policies:

  • Life insurance: Selling policies and annuities related to the death of the insured.
  • Health insurance: Selling long-term care policies and medicare supplements.
  • Property insurance: Selling homeowner, commercial property, and inland marine policies.
  • Casualty insurance: Selling professional liability policies and crime coverage.
  • Variable products insurance: Selling insurance products that also include an investment component. Certain securities licenses are required to sell this type of insurance.
  • Personal lines insurance: Auto insurance, house insurance, renters’ insurance, and vehicle insurance are some of the items that are sold.

Step 2: Recognize the Basic Requirements

After you’ve selected what type of insurance agent you want to be, the next step is to learn the fundamental requirements

  • Age: at least 18 years old.
  • Must complete pre-licensing education.
  • Pass the insurance licensing exam.
  • A background check is required. The procedure varies from state to state.’
  • Continue your education to keep your license valid or renew it.

Step 3: Choose a state and learn about its requirements.

Select whether you wish to sell insurance in your own state or in another. Each state has its own licensing process with slightly different rules. Most state insurance websites are very informative, and many of them offer handbooks that you can download and study to learn everything you need to know.

Find out how many hours of education you’ll need, how to register for the exam, where to take it, how to get your score, and how to get your license if you pass.

Step 4: Research Agencies

Now, look for agencies where you’d like to work. If you wish to work elsewhere, you’ll need to be aware of any additional requirements applicable to candidates or agents. Furthermore, some agencies will hire you without a license, and they may have special procedures that you must follow.

Step 5: Clear the State Exam and Apply for Jobs at Insurance Companies

You’ve done your homework and have a clear idea of what you want to do. So, get out there, know the hours of study required by your state and agency, take the exam, and pass it. You’re ready for an interesting and fulfilling career as an insurance agent now that you have your license and knowledge. Good luck, and don’t forget to keep up with your professional development.

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