Top Sites For Streaming Free Movies Online

Who doesn’t love a good movie? For some people, it is a form of entertainment while there is a dedicated set of individuals for whom movies are a way of life. The success of the Marvel universe, Star Wars, and other reel franchises is a prime example that exemplifies how much love and following are received by good movies. Although they are ranked as a form of entertainment, it should be acknowledged that certain movies have made a cultural and economic impact as well. Sometimes, we do not give them the right credit for spreading necessary awareness and changes in the way society functions. In this blog, we will be mentioning details of top sites for streaming free movies online. Read until the end so next time you know where to watch one of your favorite movies online.

1- Putlocker:


The website is more often than not referred to as one of the most sought-after websites for streaming movies with no extra cost. Well, rightly so! It is one of the originals to offer such a service for millions of viewers across the world. In addition to this, Putlocker’s movie library is extremely large as it is home to several genres with a movie collection that ranges from romantic to thriller and from one end of the world to another.

The movie quality may not necessarily be too good but given the number of movies you can choose from, the quality is not worth bothering with. If you were to watch the same movie on any other paid platform, the amount would be too high. The application is suggestive in terms of recommending movies based on ratings received from actors, directors, and other associated people. In case you do not wish to watch the movie online, you can download it to be watched when there is no internet connection.

2- Crackle:


With an extensive list of more than 1000 movies, Crackle is a highly-rated online movie streaming platform that offers services in HD. The video streaming quality of the website stands at 1080p. Viewers can find exclusive content from the vast sea of options available. Crackle is extremely user-friendly since it does not require signing up. This is best for people who hate having to give out personal information like telephone numbers or email IDs. This way you won’t get spammed with unnecessary recommendations. The UI is highly professional thus providing viewers with a seamless viewing experience. The catalog for the websites changes monthly which means that viewers always get something new to look at.

However, there are certain drawbacks of using Crackle like it shows more than 6 ads at a time. This could become very irritating after a point of time. The application is currently only available in the United States and some videos are of low quality.

3- The Roku Channel:

The Roku Channel

A popular destination for avid movie lovers, the Roku Channel is home to movies in high-definition. To access the movies, the viewers do not require any additional Roku device and can enjoy the experience of watching the most-awaited movies without any hassle. The ads on the website are relatively less and infrequent however, users are required to have a Roku account for viewing the movies. Furthermore, there may be some interruptions due to mid-roll advertisements. Roku Channel is only available for US viewers.

4- SBS On Demand:

SBS On Demand

It is an Australian broadcaster with a library of some of the most loved movies. The list is curated with top-quality movies and offers free-on-demand services. The library turnover is more frequent than some of the contemporaries. It is a public sector broadcaster. The application has never detected any malware which means that it is highly safe for use. Some of the disadvantages of using SBS On Demand is the poor quality of the video which currently only stands at 720p and watchers will be required to create an SBS account. The movie library is filled with art houses and Hollywood movies. SBS On Demand has Australian geo-restriction. This means that you may need to put in an Australian ZIP code. One can use data from Google Maps for this information.

5- Tubi:


Website for all movie lovers with movies from the likes of horror, comedy, romedy, and action. Tubi is a renowned free movie streaming site that has a collection of old and new movies. Tubi is owned by Fox Corporation and does not require any registration. The US website is extremely friendly. The picture quality is around 720p and Tubi supports multiple mir-roll advertisements. However, the entire library is not accessible in the US. The average customer database on Tubi is 50 million per month and is completely legal for viewing. Other versions of the app are available in Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. In case you are someone outside the above-mentioned countries, we recommend using VPN.

Now that we have discussed a few top sites for streaming free movies online, there is a certain question that needs to be answered.

Are such websites legal?

Well, there is no simple answer to this question since every country has laws that define watching movies or any other entertainment program for free. For instance, if a viewer is watching a movie online, they may not be technically breaking a law but the issue changes when such movies are downloaded for further circulation.

websites legal

Some websites are not even safe for use. They may be carriers of malware or virus and your computer system may get attacked in case the website is full of certain unwanted carriers. Hence, it is important that before accessing a website, one must be completely aware of its background and origin.

In case you are worried about safety, we recommend opting for paid services since not only do they have better quality and picture range, but they are also safe for use.

In conclusion:

Movies have been a crucial part of the entertainment and economic growth of a nation. The art that is depicted in movies has the power to bring the world together. In this blog, we spoke of some of the top sites for streaming movies online. However, we recommend viewing the movies only from trusted sites to avoid getting attacked by malware.

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