Understanding Putlocker And A List Of Some Alternatives

If you are an avid online streamer you may have probably heard of Putlocker, the famous online streaming website which allows you to watch entertainment programs for free. You must also be aware that the original Putlocker was blocked in 2016 when the site was at its peak of popularity due to various piracy-related content. Today, we sit down to work on our understanding of Putlocker and a list of some alternatives that you can definitely try!

The origins of Putlocker

The site originated in early 2011 in the UK and during its course until 2016, it received millions of visitors accessing the website every day. Putlocker offered copyrighted content without obtaining a license for the same. In simple terms, they provided access to somebody’s creativity to millions of people without asking permission from the original content creator. Entertainment program makers spend a lot of money and time creating a single episode of a TV series or a movie. Obviously, nobody would like to be ripped off their work without being paid for it or without permission.


Online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar Plus, all obtain legal distribution rights from the original producers of the content and provide you with the program on the small screen only after paying a certain amount to the producers. Because this is the right way, both legally and ethically, to distribute any piece of art.

The year 2016 is when the official site of Putlocker was blocked by various regulatory bodies and since then various copies of the website have popped up on the internet. There is no guarantee that these websites are safe since many of them might be the carrier of computer viruses or other types of malware. The non-authorized sites do not have any backing from legal authorities which means that if you download a file from such websites and your system gets attacked or there is a concern of data theft, there is nobody you can hold accountable since the website is run by unknown faces, unlike other authorized websites where the company running the business is legally recognized.

Is Putlocker illegal and can you access it?

Is Putlockear illegal and can you access it?

Yes, Putlocker is an illegal website and we do not recommend using the website for entertainment purposes. You may be able to access it depending on the law and its enforcement intensity in your country regarding the sale of unlicensed content.

Certain countries have extremely strict laws against distributing and watching copyrighted programs where they not only fine or persecute the distributor but may also lead to serious actions against the consumer of such content. Other countries may not have the necessary resources to reinforce strict actions but they do have laws in place if any website is caught selling content without legal authorization.

For instance, in Spain, Poland, and Switzerland pirating is not a big concern and the laws related to pirating are lax. Pirating content is illegal and may have serious implications in countries like Japan, Italy, Germany, the United States, Australia, Portugal, and more. In countries like Iran, Egypt, Argentina, Uruguay, Romania, India, and a few others, pirating is illegal but does not prosecute people if caught consuming pirated content.

So we will highly recommend avoiding trying to access Putlocker or any other website that offers you free content without proper licensing since it is unethical and even if you try to access it make sure you are aware of the country’s law regarding repercussions of copyright infringement before going ahead.

How to protect your system while using Putlocker or any other unauthorized website?

As we stated earlier, we encourage you to only consume entertainment programs for legal and authorized websites but if you do end up accessing Putlocker or one of the copied sites, here are some ways you can make sure that your system is safeguarded from malware or virus attack:

  • Always make sure that your system has a good and effective antivirus installed
  • Make sure that the Putlocker mirror or the copy website being accessed is safe. If you have even the slightest doubt about the authenticity of the website, do not go further
  • Avoid entering any personal details like card number, date of birth, name, or any other confidential data. Chances are that if the website is asking you for such information, you are getting close to data theft
  • Use a good VPN to avoid opening a website that may be ill intentions
  • Do not click on any of the pop-ups that you may see on the website no matter how tempting they may look

Now that we have summarized the basic understanding of Putlocker and why it is probably not the best option if you want to enjoy a carefree online streaming experience, here is a list of some of the other options where you may find unlicensed content:

1- AZMovies


The website has a large database of entertainment programs with moderately decent video quality. The user interface is pretty simple and consumers can browse using various filters.

Website Pros:

  • AZMovies provides great navigation
  • It has an excellent library of entertainment content
  • The video quality is enjoyable

Website Cons:

  • The website displays pirated content
  • It has an extremely high rate of ad pop-ups

2- Flixtor


It is one of the most popular free online streaming websites because it offers more than 1000 movies and TV series with excellent video quality

Website Pros:

  • A huge library database. You are likely to find content that you may have not found on any other site
  • The ad intrusion is very low
  • It is safe to use

Website Cons:

  • We do not recommend Mac users access the site. It is guaranteed that it will run your entire browsing experience
  • The content is unlicensed

The final words:

Putlocker may have been a popular go-to choice for people who wanted to enjoy TV shows or movies that they could not find on any streaming service. However, we are currently in the day and age where almost all movies become accessible on small screens within a matter of days or months of being released on the big screen. In fact, companies like Netflix produce their own programs for our entertainment. As responsible users of online content, we should play our part and avoid consuming any content that does not give its due credit to the original producers of the entertainment programs. With this, we end our discussion on the understanding Putlocker and a list of some alternatives

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