The Silver Guardian Review: Season 3 Release Date, Plot and Overview of Previous Seasons

The entertainment industry is snowballing because of the different branches introduced for providing entertainment services to the diverse nature of people. One of the latest and most emerging branches of the film/entertainment industry is Anime Cartoons that is one of the most attractive and vibrant categories for the pleasure of people in their spare time for their refreshment. Anime is a hand-drawn computer animation that specifically refers to the word, animation.

Anime production is increasing steadily due to the attention of people to anime cartoons and productions. The unique story with vibrant graphics and characters in anime cartoons grabs the attention of the people, and that is why the anime industry is growing very efficiently. People are more likely to watch anime seasons instead of watching HD movies via HD Filme TV or dramas.

The Silver Guardian is a Chinese comic that is produced by Ling Meng & Ming Xung and became successful with Chinese-Japanese adaptation. The first season of this anime season was premiered on April 01, 2017, & the second season premiered in January 2018 with massive success in the anime industry. The viewers are anxiously waiting for the third season of the Silver Guardian to be premiered on the screen.

The Silver Guardian Review

Characters and their Roles in the Silver Guardian

The main characters of the anime cartoon series, The Silver Guardian, are Suigin and Rei. Suigin plays the role of hero in the series and always likes to play games and does part-time jobs to pay his school fee. While Rei is the girlfriend of Suigin who gets kidnapped and Suigin is pulled into the Grave Buster to save her.

The secondary characters of the one of the most popular anime series are Eeyuu, Farin, Phoebe, Shostia, Shou RAN and Twin Star. There are also other minor roles/characters in the anime series.

The Cast of the Silver Guardian

The cast is essential to make the successful series, and cast always has an important role to build a successful release of the series for the viewers. The cast of the Silver Guardian under ADR director Jad Saxton is following.

Kyle Phillips is behind the voice of Suigin, and he has worked in much successful anime cartoon series. Behind the Rei, Amber Lee Connors put her effort. Jason Liebrecht is behind the character of Ranshou, and Sara Ragsdale covers the role of Maki. Jad Saxton is positioned behind the character of Wanchoi.

Furthermore, the position of ADR engineer is taken by Deryk Elkins, and mixing engineer of the anime series is Neal Malley. At last but not least, the writer of the anime series is Josh Grelle.

Synopsis of First Two Seasons

In the first season, a high-school student and a gamer, Suigin Riku, visit the famed private academy, Shinryou Academy. The school is famous for the wealthy and elite class children. But this is not the case for Suigin although, he is a poor guy and he must have to work at many part-time jobs to pay the fee for his tuition. However, Suigin is one of the best game players because of his interest and hard work in gaming. Once he dives into the water to save his pet cat, and he knew that he couldn’t swim. At the same time, he is saved by a girl, Rei Riku who is the daughter of a game developer.

Furthermore, he meets a new girl in his favorite game, and after some time he comes to know that the online girl and Rei are the same. After some time, Suigin comes to know that Rei is kidnapped and taken into the Grave Buster, a new online game introduced by the creator of Dungeon Century that is the favorite game of Suigin. This forces the Suigin to enter into the new world of the game and save the life of Rei. Suigin attempts and puts his effort to rescue Rei by solving the mysteries of this astonishing game.

The story of the anime series is based on the Action/drama genre that is most likely by the people to watch for entertainment.

The Success of the Silver Guardian

Anime cartoon viewers were not satisfied by the work of director Masahiko Ookura, director of the Silver Guardian, for his work in 2003 by the writer Sugiura Sihu. But the anime series, The Silver Guardian/Gin No Guardian changed the views of the people towards the work of the director. The Chinese-Japanese adaptation became successful amongst other anime series because of the amusing and attractive story of the anime cartoon series.

Likewise, the classic characters and graphics in the anime cartoons made it more attractive for the viewers. The first season created an impact on people’s minds, and they always look for the upcoming season of the anime series. The anime series is going to launch a new season because of the viewers’ interest in watching their favorite anime series. Millions of viewers are waiting for the third season of the Silver Guardian/Gin No Guardian to get a delightful and impressive storyline for their entertainment. People like to watch the fantasy and action in the series that is provided by the production of the Silver Guardian and provided them with the extraordinary visual and graphical effects with a unique story.

The Silver Guardian Season 3

After a huge success of the first two seasons of the Silver Guardian, the third season of the anime cartoons is going to be premiered in 2019 and the viewers are waiting for its third season because of the story full of suspense and adventure. The anime cartoon series has created a place in the viewers’ life, and they are looking for a new series of anime cartoons to get a good source of entertainment with the adventurous and impressive storyline of the anime cartoons.

Moreover, the action of Suigin in the Grave Buster is one of the most favorite parts for the viewers, and the Suigin would solve the mysteries of Grave Buster as he is pulled into the Grave Buster game to save the Rei. According to the success of the previous season of the Silver Guardian, we can assume that the upcoming season of this anime cartoon will be more exciting and magical for the success of the anime production and cast. The success of the Silver Guardian seasons could also be assumed through the success of a comic that was viewed more than 418 million times by March 2016. The next season already attained the attention of the viewers and it can be assumed that it will be more successful than the previous seasons of the Silver Guardian/Gin No Guardian.

The Reaction of Viewers toward the Silver Guardian

Finally, the anime series has become one of the best-animated cartoon series in the whole world because of its unique and attractive story. The graphics and video editing also attracted the attention of the people, because of the quality video people are more likely to watch the anime cartoon series. People always look for a unique story to watch for their entertainment and enjoyment to make their spare time worthy. This anime cartoon series provided the complete entertainment pack to the viewers, and they gave an excellent response to the production of this anime series because of adventure, drama, and action in the story of the anime series and exclusive graphical and audio effects in both seasons of the Silver Guardian.

In the end, millions of viewers are excited to watch the upcoming season of the anime cartoon series because of the suspense created by the previous seasons of the anime cartoon series and provided the best content to watch in the spare time for entertainment. The viewers want to get a more interesting story and episodes in the upcoming season because the production of the previous seasons increases the expectations of the viewers.

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