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Here I’m going to share with you how to make money with Wealthy Affiliates.

So, let’s begin.

earn money online by referring

Here are methods to earn money with Wealthy affiliates:

  • Promoting Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Start your own business with Wealthy Affiliates.

Earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

1. First, you have to create a Free Account.

2. After that upload your profile picture and complete your profileto get started.

3. Now, you will get a link to promoteWealthy Affiliate program.

4. Share this link with your friends and on social media. When someone will signup from your affiliate link and complete his/her profile, you will get $1. And if someone purchases from wealthy Affiliates You will get 23$. And as long as he remains with wealthy affiliates you will get a 23$ monthly commission.

For paid referral

1 paid referral = 23$ / month.

10 paid referrals = 230$ / month. (Without any further work)

for Free referral

1 Free referral = 1$ (one time)

10 Free referrals = 10$ (one time)

The Commission Structure

You will earnrecurring commissionsas long as your referral is a premium member. So, you get paid every time a referral renews his/her membership, which can be on a monthly or yearly basis.

This is the commission structure if you are a premium member:


When your referral:

  • Set up a free account (upload a photo and description) – You earn $1 (only once)
  • Sign up for the initial discount offer – Your earn $8 (first month)
  • Upgrade to premium membership –You make $22.5 MONTHLY
  • Upgrade to annual premium membership –Your earn $175 ANNUALLY

Upgrade to annual premium membership

Now, if you are astarter memberyou still pocketHALFthe commissions. It means you created a business with $0.

Those commissions start to build up over time as you refer more and more people. At some point, afterhard work and commitment, you may find yourself with 100 referrals generating$2,250for youevery month.

Would you be happy to quit your full-time job to spend more time with your family, travel or even dedicate more time to double, triple and even quadruple this figure? Well, many online entrepreneurs inside WA have done just that.

You can check some amazing success stories inside a blog post inside Wealthy Affiliate called “Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.” Those guys and many others are earning apassive full-time incomefrom their websites promoting WA. Besides, they not only earn commissions from WA, but also from many other products and services that they review.

I won’t lie to you,it is not an easy task, but it is not rocket science either. Those guys took massive action and worked consistentlyto reach and surpass that income level.

Start your own business with Wealthy Affiliates

You can also start your own business with Wealthy Affiliates. It is basically a platform for marketing. You will get plenty of tutorials on Wealthy Affiliates to start making your full-time income. You can create a website to promote products and do affiliate marketing. And you can also create your own online store and start selling products.

There are many affiliate marketers making 10,000$ in a month.

What are you waiting for?

Start earning now!

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