Top 3 PDF Readers For Windows 10 Out There

The traditional way of writing on a piece of paper is taken over by digital copies of the same document. Technology has made things easier for us because one cannot argue against the advantages offered by digital writing. PDF documents are one such example of online documents that have become a common part of our lives. PDF documents are essential for people across age groups including students, working professionals, or senior citizens. To access PDF notes, our computer or smart devices should have compatible readers installed and today we will be discussing the top 3 PDF readers for Windows 10 out there.

What is PDF?

What is PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and as the name suggests, it allows any document to be easily shared across platforms without any changes in the original format the document was written in.

Developed by Adobe in 1992, it’s been more than 20 years since the software was first launched, and is probably one of the few older systems that are still relevant and used by different PDF-generating software.

Here are some advantages associated with documents in PDF format

1- More than 1-Dimension

Different types of information including text, vector graphics, animations, images, 3D models, audio files, buttons, and hyperlinks can be shared using PDF format. This may not be possible if a document is shared in other forms like MS Excel, Libre, and others.

2- High Graphic Integrity

When a document or file is converted into a PDF form, the layout of the information remains unchanged no matter how many times the PDF document is shared. The data would appear the same if the receiver is accessing the file on a laptop or a smartphone thus maintaining information integrity.

3- Highly Secure

One key aspect of the PDF format is that the information once saved cannot be altered. Hence it is considered one of the most secure ways of sharing documents that have final information and the sender does not want the information or data shared to be modified in any manner. Different PDF converters offer various levels of adding an extra layer of protection like digital passwords, watermarks, and passwords.

4- Compactness

PDFs can contain infinite data but they can also be converted into compressed files that can be easily exchanged. The file integrity remains untampered even in such cases.

To open a PDF file, one needs to have compatible systems installed on the device the document is accessed from. Here is a list of the top 3 PDF readers for Windows 10 out there.

1- Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader

Anybody who has worked on a computer must be aware of Foxit Reader. It can arguably be called the best PDF reader available for users. What makes it so popular amongst people who regularly read PDF documents is the easy navigation offered by the software. It provides features like signing the document, annotating, viewing, and filling forms across all types of smart devices like computers, the web, and mobile. You can also grant your friends access to the same document while also tracking people who accessed the document, viewed it, or edited it at the same time.

Advantages of using Foxit Reader

  • It is easy to leverage existing workflows and forms with standard XFA and PDF form filling
  • It is free of cost and PDFs can be accessed from anywhere
  • Provides option for integration with popular cloud services and enterprise CMS
  • Mass deployments become easy with Foxit Reader

Disadvantages of using Foxit Reader

  • It is only compatible with Windows. For compatibility with macOS systems, users will have to pay after the free trial run
  • There is no version available for Linux

2- Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

The free PDF reading software allows users to view, comment, and print the document. It is easy on the eyes because it provides different viewing options.

Listed below are reasons why should you choose the software:

  • By using different viewing modes, you can reduce strain on the eyes if you are someone who is working on computers or digital screens for longer durations
  • The software will hide all of the unnecessary menus when switched to full screen. The avoidable menus can get distracting and break the flow of reading the document which is taken care of in this software
  • It can work across devices making it desirable among the users
  • The software allows you to extract images or words as per the user’s request. In case you are reading a long text-heavy document, the option can be helpful

Reasons why you may choose other software over Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

  • The free version has limited features which means that to enjoy the offerings of the software you will have to shell out extra money
  • The export function on the software is slow which acts as a major restricting factor

3- Icecream Apps PDF Editor

Icecream Apps PDF Editor

Yes, you read it right! This software has the added feature of letting the users edit the document. If you are looking for a system that offers the best options for managing, editing, or annotating documents, Icecream Apps PDF software is the one for you

Pros of the system:

  • It offers you features to resize, rotate, and move objects in the document
  • IceCream Apps PDF editor can help you create arrows, add shapes, and draw lines on a PDF document
  • You can search for certain points throughout the document before making any changes
  • Icecream Apps has built-in forms while also letting you add notes for future reference

Cons of the system:

  • Like other PDF readers, you cannot explore all the options with the free version
  • Icecream Apps PDF editor has a major drawback in terms of importing multiple PDF files


Here is the list of our top 3 PDF readers for Windows 10 out there. There are many other options present on the internet and we recommend you to first establish your exact requirements and expectation for the PDF reading software before installing a system or paying for the advanced features, as in most cases you will see that the higher versions are only available at extra cost.

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