Top 6 Best 2 Slice Toasters For Kitchen

Description: The coaster concept hasn’t changed much over the years, only evolved. It still uses heating coils to toast the bread and still pops up on a timer when done. But there have been some adjustments to 2 slice toaster styles, and we have them here.


Despite the myriad of toaster options, the standard 2 slice toaster is still the most popular. You can go to and see plenty of different options, from the innovative 2 slice toaster and kettle set to the 2 slice toaster in red that looks like a sports car. But at the end of the day, they are still just a 2 slice toaster.

Picking one for yourself is a very personal and aesthetically driven decision. For instance, if you love black cabinetry, or have black countertops, you might pick a 2 slice toaster black countertops would pare with. Unless the monochromatic contrast is more to your liking. Then a 2 slice toaster white-to-black transition would be nice.

Choosing Your Perfect Toaster

There are toasters for every household. Do you love Texas toast style bread? Then there is a toaster for thick bread. Do you prefer bread that is larger than average? A 2 slice toaster for large slices is best. It isn’t just about selecting the right toaster, it is about the way it complements your kitchen, and what type of bread you prefer.

But let us uncomplicate it by showing you the top 6 we have picked that you might choose for your home.

1. Smeg 50’s style 2 slice toaster

Take a blast from the past every time you toast your bread. This high-functioning and the very fetching model boasts the lines you might see on a 56’ Corvette, and it toasts just as fast.

2. Breville Die-Cast 2 slice smart toaster

Great for the more contemporary décor, the Breville is highly reflective and will mirror your other surfaces. It cooks toast evenly and pops up exactly when the toast is perfect.

3. Black + Decker 2 slice toaster

This model is very sleek in chrome and black and has a user-friendly dial for setting your heating timer to just the right setting. It has LED indicators to let you know when it is ready to pop.

4. Dualit Classic 2 slice toaster in Charcoal

Great for granite or dark marble countertops this deep-colored toaster is intuitive, recognizing your preferred level of toasting and doing it just right. It might be more expensive but for the price, you can’t beat it.

5. KEEMO Toaster 2 slice

This one is adorable in baby blue. It will go well with a retro kitchen styling and for the price, you can’t go wrong. It is very simple to operate so there will be no burned toast at your breakfast.

6. LOFTER Mirror stainless steel toaster

This will complement your other stainless-steel appliances or prep tables very well. It is easy to clean, and for a 2 slice toaster price point, it is the least expensive. Get yours today.

The Basic 2 Slice Toaster Usage Concept

You probably already know how to use 2 slice toaster in your home, but do you know how it works? It is very simple. Think of your oven. The coils heat up and cook your food in an enclosed space. This is almost exactly the same. Inside the slots a series of wires have electricity pass through them, making them very hot. And in turn, they heat the toast.

Simple, effective, and not worth messing with. That is why they haven’t changed much over the years. Even the quickest 2 slice toaster uses the same concept. Although, just like an oven, you don’t want your toast to heat too quickly. Never turn it up if it gives you that option.

Pairing it with Your Décor

All appliances need to accent the décor in a way that isn’t overstated but also not too obvious. Taking the time to pick out just the right combination of items for your kitchen is important but keep it simple. Black with stainless-steel is always a crowd-pleaser. Or Black appliances with darker cabinets.

But as it pertains to toasters, countertop coloration is a big factor. You don’t want one that clashes or draws the eye in a negative way. A white model in an all-black kitchen for instance really offsets the entire theme. However, if you have multiples of a contrasting color, it becomes the theme, and now your kitchen is decidedly two-tone.

Alternative Options

New innovations in the toasting industry have sprung forth and are quite interesting. Models with built-in coffee makers are very popular. Others with egg cooking stations for a quick and clean breakfast are getting some traction. As long as the unit has a good power source, there are things that can and will be built into it to make cooking easier.

Here are some interesting combinations:

  • A full-service breakfast station toaster with an egg cooker, veggie, and meat warmer, along with the two-slice cooker, plus a removable crumb tray.
  • A model with slots for toasting, and a raised heating rack for warming items too thick to fit.
  • How about a toaster with a window so you can see what is happening while it is toasting?
  • And of course, we already mentioned the version with the added coffee station.


We know we put a lot of extra pressure on the decision, but if you are just looking for a way to make toast, and you find the one you like, you can always get a cover to match your space. They make toaster cozies in plenty of colors and patterns to suit every personality and decorative style.

Author’s Bio:

Nellie Rodriguez has a model similar to the ones on the top 6 list. She uses it when making breakfast for her nieces. Nellie has never enjoyed toast that is too overdone or crispy but prefers it lightly browned enough to apply jam or peanut butter.

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