Best Software Platforms To Utilize For Your Nonprofit Organization

A growing number of nonprofit organizations rely on software platforms to keep track of donor information and direct fundraising efforts. These software as a service offerings have unique features to activate and expand donor rolls to raise more donations. The functionality of SaaS offerings such as Blackbaud’s Raisers Edge, Raisers Edge NXT, Financial Edge and donor relationship management software depends largely on the quality of available data. Find out more about the best software for nonprofits and Blackbaud Salesforce integration tools for improving the accuracy and completeness of a nonprofit’s data.

Best Software Platforms Nonprofit Organization

Omatic Stands Out As Some of the Best Software for Nonprofits

Any organization that uses a Raisers Edge database, Blackbaud CRM or Salesforce CRM software can benefit from a supplementary data integration solution. A SaaS company such as Omatic offers a full suite of data entry, management, analysis and exportation solutions that enhance the functionality of the primary platform. A wide variety of data integration utilities are available in Omatic Cloud Essentials.

When an organization pairs Omatic Cloud Essentials with Raisers Edge or any other donor relationship management platform, more data tends to become available for use in fundraising. This integration is ideal for consolidating disparate data in spreadsheets and APIS that require a decoder ring. From data entry to management, analysis and the ability to move data across platforms, a wide range of data integration solutions can supplement the functionality of every platform in use at an organization.

Omatic provides a wide variety of integration tools and utilities. Importomatic allows for faster, easier and more accurate data important, while the Data Health and Integration Suite completes and improves the quality of organizational data. Accounting and fundraising integration systems and methods for automating and managing records and other data functions can help organizations get the most out of an investment in any Blackbaud or Salesforce platform.

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How Blackbaud Salesforce Integration Can Help With Data Organization

Once donor or other data is available for use in Raisers Edge, Raisers Edge NXT, Financial Edge, or CRM software, an integration can facilitate better organization. Nonprofits can rely on Omatic Cloud Essentials offerings such as connectors for CRM utilities, tools for scoring donor engagement or affinity and other tools for automating functions such as record completion or data standardization. All of these features mean fewer loose ends and less lost data.

Blackbaud Raisers Edge and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack are competing SaaS platforms, but Blackbaud also offers Salesforce integration support through Luminate CRM software. This management tool for the Salesforce CRM or NPSP platforms supports improved organization across these platforms. Omatic also offers solutions for both of these platforms and additional integration capabilities. No matter how your organization functions, the right combination of platforms and integrations can help any nonprofit reach fundraising goals.

Omatic Cloud Essentials offers a wide variety of integration solutions for Blackbaud SaaS products. Whether an organization uses Raisers Edge, Raisers Edge NXT, Financial Edge, Altru, Blackbaud CRM or Salesforce CRM, Omatic integrations can enhance the quality and usefulness of donation data through entry, management, analysis and multi-directional utilization.

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