Virtual phone Number: What It Is and Who Needs It?

What Is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual number is one that does not require a physical SIM card or phone but exists on the Internet in the form of a personal account on the mobile operator’s website. It works thanks to cloud technologies and allows you to online SMS free receive.

What Does a Virtual Number Look Like?

The user has to sign up on the website of the virtual mobile operator. After that, he or she gets access to the personal account and selects the desired phone number. After payment, the subscriber can use it as a regular number: enter it when registering on various websites, receive private messages, etc.

You can log in from any device with an Internet connection and check for new messages (from a phone, tablet, or laptop). Notifications about new messages will be sent to all active devices.

Who Can Benefit from Buying a Cloud Number?

Most users buy it in two cases:

  1. To sign up on websites and messengers. Sometimes, you need an additional account, and your personal phone number has already been used to register on this resource. Sometimes, you want to avoid annoying notifications that will definitely come if you sign up for a local pizzeria or clothing store. And sometimes, you just want to remain anonymous and avoid sharing personal information.
  2. To register on websites that are not available in the user’s country. Some services and resources have restrictions: to register for them, you need to enter a phone number from a specific region. If the service is available in, say, the UK, Spain, and Germany, you can choose the number that will cost you less.

What Are the Possibilities of OnlineSim?

You are usually offered two types of services: one-time SMS receiving and number rent.

In the first case, you should log in to the OnlineSim account and select the desired site from the list of suggested ones. If there is no desired site, select Other sites.

The price per text message varies depending on the type of site you want to register on and the region. This service is beneficial for people who want to receive one text message and are not going to use this number anymore.

What Are the Possibilities of OnlineSim

Renting a number means you can use it unlimitedly for 1, 3, 7, 15, or 30 days. The longer the rental period, the lower the cost per day. This is helpful if you are going to receive a lot of messages: you pay once and get free online SMS for the entire rental period.

OnlineSim offers not only favorable tariffs but also the opportunity to earn money through a referral program. Share the link with friends, and you will receive a commission on the money they spend.

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