Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird

In this guide, we are going to discuss simple ways to import Outlook PST file to MBOX file format. MB0X file format is offered by Mozilla thunderbird to save the information. Sometimes the user needs to migrate their data from one email client to another one. That is why query arises of How do I transfer emails from outlook to thunderbird.

Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird

Before moving towards the methods. Let us see some common reasons why there is a need to arise from PST to MBOX conversion.

Reasons to Import Outlook PST to Thunderbird

Below given are the most common reasons to state why you may need to convert the Outlook file to Thunderbird.

  1. MBOX file supported by multiple platforms-

Mozilla Thunderbird is compatible with almost all platforms like Windows, macOS, UNIX, Linux, and Ubuntu. It is the most preferred email client for Linux and UNIX users.

2. Data Security – Mozilla thunderbird provides the security features in the market.

 3. Spam Filtering- This feature is much better as compared to Outlook and other email client’s applications.

Convert PST file to Thunderbird – Manual Methods

This migrating process is not as easy as it seems. Thunderbird doesn’t provide any direct option to import Outlook files in it. Therefore, Outlook to thunderbird migration is solely achieved by the conversion of PST to MBOX file format.

Migration of PST to MBOX can be carried out by some manual techniques to export Outlook emails to Thunderbird.

  • Export Outlook data to thunderbird.
  • GoogleTake Out to export Outlook PST to MBOX.

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Method 1. Export Outlook PST files to Thunderbird

Start from running the Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird on the same machine, then one can easily export Outlook emails to Thunderbird by executing these steps:

  1. Go to the start button and click Default Programs >> Set your default programs.Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Now Select Outlook from the Programs tab and click Set this program as default. Then click OK to save the changes.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. After that, Launch the Mozilla thunderbird and click on the Display the Thunderbird Menu option.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  4. Navigate to Tools >> Import.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  5. Choose Mail, or you can select the Import Everything option and click Next.Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  6. Select Outlook as the file type and click Next.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  7. In last, click on the Finish button to complete the import process.
    This will export all your emails in the Outlook email client to the thunderbird interface.

Method 2. Use Google Take Out to import PST file into MBOX file format

In this approach, the configuration of the Gmail account in your Outlook program is required.

After the configuration of the account follows these steps carefully:

  1. Open your Google Mail account and navigate to Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP and select the radio button “Enable IMAP”.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Launch Outlook and go to the File >> Add Account option.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Enter the login username and password of the Google account.
  4. Now create a new folder within the newly configured Gmail ID and move the desired Outlook emails to that folder.
  5. fterward, Log in to your Gmail account using chrome and open Google Takeout.
  6. From the select data to include tab, deselect all options, and check the Mail option only. Make sure to check the Include all message in Mail option provided under the All Mail data included category. Click Next after making the necessary changes.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  7. Now, in the Customize archive format tab, specify the Delivery Method, Export type, File type & size, and hit the create archive button.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  8. While your archive is generated by Google. You can download the ZIP file containing the Outlook data in the MBOX file format. Click Download to download the ZIP file in your local machine.
    Ways to Import PST Files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  9. Extract the downloaded ZIP file in a convenient directory. You will encounter the MBOX file containing all your emails.
  10. Open these emails using Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client.

As these two manual methods are lengthy and time-consuming. Try an automated solution to get the most effective results in a short interval of time.

Experts Choice – Automated Solution to Export PST to MBOX

If you want to convert PST file to Thunderbird in just one simple step. You are recommended to use PST File Converter that allows users to convert PST files into popular formats like MBOX, EML, PDF, HTML, etc.


Here manual methods to convert PST files into Thunderbird are discussed. Also, to save your precious time one perfect solution is prescribed. Summing, up the only to get the most effective result in just one step is to use a reliable third-party tool like PST converter.

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