What is Directx and How is it Useful?

DirectX is an Application Programming Interface (API) and programming functions suite that is used to develop, manage and manipulate graphic, and multimedia parts in Windows-oriented software. With Windows 95 and future editions, it is a proprietary Microsoft framework for its family of Windows operating systems (OS). DirectDraw, DirectPlay, Direct3D, DirectMusic, and DirectSound are among the sets of APIs that make up DirectX.

DirectX enables programmers to use pre-made APIs to access the audio and visual capabilities of the underlying hardware by connecting the underlying hardware and the development environment. Video games and other multimedia applications that demand more sophisticated hardware automation and interaction are typically developed using DirectX. Although DirectX is frequently used to generate and manage graphical application components, it can also be utilized to access input/output (I/O) services. DirectX Development Kit is required for application development.

DirectX 12 Ultimate, the latest DirectX version, is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 11, and Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft refers to it as “additive” to DirectX 12, bringing to Windows and Xbox consoles characteristics like variable rate shading and ray tracing.

The Attractive Additional Features of DirectX 12 are:

  • (DXR) DirectX Ray Tracing: In video games like Battlefield V and Fortnite, an early iteration of ray tracing was used. The majority of games that enable ray tracing do this with the help of DXR.(DXR) DirectX Ray Tracing
  • Mesh Shaders: Although mesh Shaders are a complex subject, they simply merge multiple shader phases into one. This decreases the number of time meshes spend moving between your CPU and RAM, which enhances speed.Mesh Shaders
  • Variable Rate Shading (VRS): The GPU may distribute different parts of a frame with varying amounts of power thanks to VRS. The goal is to improve performance by concentrating on a scene’s key elements while sparing resources for less resource-intensive regions.Variable Rate Shading
  • Sampler Feedback: A modern game must foresee what to stream next depending on what the user’s activities since assets are streaming into the game environment. By providing samples of potential outcomes without actually carrying out the instruction, sampler feedback helps games decide more intelligently which assets to stream.
    Sampler Feedback

What is the Importance of Directx in Gaming?

DirectX 12 Ultimate includes the ‘Variable rate shading’ characteristics, which enables a GPU to use its resources more efficiently for rendering in-focus objects, resulting in higher rate structure and greater fidelity. Additionally, users get tools like Sampler Feedback that improve texture quality during the use of fewer resources. All in all, the enhancements you get should improve the performance of next-generation games.

Directx in Gaming

Essentially, DirectX 12 Ultimate makes it possible for game developers to produce more 3D (immersive) games with better textures and lifelike lighting, and since Windows now includes these features, users will notice a difference right away if their video card is compatible with the latest DirectX version.

Although it is exciting to witness DirectX 12 make its debut on Xbox Series X, Windows PCs will be the first to receive it. The technology is already being sent out to NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX series video cards, and Microsoft claims that when its console launched in 2020, it will be on “millions” of video cards. For upgrading choices and more details, make sure to read our guide to the best graphics cards.

Steps to Download & Install DirectX

Not everyone requires a new DirectX version, depending on the Windows version being used. To make sure that DirectX is well-suited with the computer, the section below offers a few commands. At the bottom of this blog are the commands on how to determine the currently installed version on the computer.

  1. Visit the website of Microsoft, DirectX download section.
  2. By clicking on Download, users can download the setup file on their computer after clicking on the preferred language from the drop-down section.
  3. Follow the commands on Microsoft’s website or in the installation event to launch the dxwebsetup.exe file and complete the installation of DirectX. Installing will simply take a few seconds.

Read the setup rules carefully. Items, like the Bing Bar, might be requested to users for installation. Just check whatever items need to be installed and ignore the rest.

  1. Even if users are not asked to, restart the computer.
  2. Check whether updating the latest DirectX version solved the issue after restarting the PC.

DirectX Versions for Windows
DirectX Versions for Windows

Not every Windows version supports all DirectX versions. Let us read how each DirectX version works with the Windows family.

  • Windows 10 comes with DirectX 12, which is only supported by that version of Windows. The only way to get updates for DirectX 12-related files is through Windows Update. DirectX 12 is not offered as a standalone version.
  • Windows 10 is the only platform that supports DirectX 11.4 & 11.3. Updates are only made available through Windows Update, just like DirectX 12.0.
  • Only Windows 10 and Windows 8 (versions 8.1 and higher) can run DirectX 11.2 smoothly. Windows Update is where any updates to DirectX 11.2-related files are made available in those Windows versions. DirectX 11.2 cannot be downloaded independently.
  • Windows 10 and Windows 8 support DirectX 11.1 technology. Windows 7 (SP1) is also supported, but only once the Platform Update for Windows 7 has been installed.
  • Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8 all support DirectX 11.0. After installation of the Platform Update for Vista, users will be given support for Windows Vista.
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows Vista all support DirectX 10.
  • If users have software that requires a DirectX 9 file in Windows 10 or Windows 8, installing the downloaded version is the solution to fix that issue. It will not “downgrade” the DirectX 10/11/12 install! DirectX 9 is supported with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Additionally, this is the most recent DirectX version that works with Windows XP.

The Bottom Line:

One of Microsoft’s most comprehensive DirectX driver libraries, DirectX is designed specifically to improve the performance of graphics and audio. One can easily download DirectX on a computer using the above-described download and installation procedures. Users will be able to deal with DirectX problems better thanks to the blog. Please let us know if any other questions arise in the comments section.

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