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Today, torrent sites offer movies, software, TV series, games, and other forms of entertainment. But popular torrent websites were severely affected by the law enforcement copyright crackdown. When it was blocked by ISPs and authorities in numerous nations, including the United Kingdom and Australia, 1337x also bore the brunt of it. This has led to the emergence of numerous 1337x proxy sites and alternatives for users to access 1337x.

Even if a website is restricted in any country, users can still access it with 1337x proxy sites, VPN services, and mirror sites. There are a number of 1337x substitutes as well as additional torrent websites. Listed below is a list of 1337x proxy websites you can use if you run into any problems. The hand-selected 1337x proxy sites listed below were operational at the time of publication. But, let us initially learn about the working of these proxy sites.

Working of 1337x Proxy Sites

There are multiple torrent 1337x proxy sites. Reducing the limitation for primary sites is the main reason for the working of the proxy sites. Most people enjoy downloading unpaid content. Every internet-connected PC or computer has an IP address. The Internet Protocol address is abbreviated as IP. Proxy servers have an IP address that a computer is well aware of. The web proxy server accepts the user’s request after they share it and then submits it to the site on the behalf of the server. After this, data is collected from the server and sent to users so that they can open and view it on their website. This is the basic or primary idea that leads to a proxy site’s working. The same procedure is followed by the 1337x proxy site to offer necessary content to users.

Pros of 1337x Proxy Torrents

  • 1337x proxy torrents allow speedy download of files.
  • With the help of 1337x proxy torrents, users can easily download media files like movies, software, anime, and games quickly.
  • If there is a network issue or users unknowingly lose their Internet connectivity, no need to worry; users will immediately be returned to where they were working and their page will be stored instantly.
  • In the situation where the window is automatically shut, downloading will have no impact until users disturb it and stop it manually.

Reasons behind Blocking of 1337x Torrent Sites

Torrent sites often pirate content prior to being released by the firms. Before the official introduction, new movies or shows can be easily downloaded through torrent sites for novel software. If users are not able to access the 1337x website, it is more likely to be blocked in a particular region.

These businesses usually use the DMCA policy for raising issues regarding these illegal copyright sources, and if users fail to remove the owner’s file as needed by DMCA, they will be penalized.

Since the law is not followed in a few places, different countries forbid access to such pirate websites from all the ISP networks. Although some sites that use encoded connections, such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), continue to work even when linked with Tor like VPN services.

How to Unblock 1337x Using Tor Browser?

How to Unblock 1337x Using Tor Browser

One of the best alternatives for unblocking 1337x is Tor Browser. Users can simply access 1337x on such sites. It comprises a collection of proxies that are gathered, sent, and verified with power. Here, the traffic by users will not be supervised, and the location will be encoded. As compared to regular web browsers, it offers a much greater level of privacy.

Methods to unblock or access 1337x

1. Mirror Sites: For unblocking 1337x, make use of mirror websites, such as

  1. torrentzmirror.org
  2. mrunlock.info
  3. mrunlock.win.

Users from the places where 1337x is not accessible can easily view it, thanks to such mirror websites.

2. VPN: Due to security concerns, this website is more often prohibited when a user is in the country where it is blocked. A VPN helps users overcome these limitations. There are also free VPNs available. To keep browsing private and secure, one can examine these reasonably priced VPNs like Nord VPN, IP vanishes, and ExpressVPN.

Top 1337x Alternatives Torrent Sites

Facing trouble accessing 1337x proxies? Some mirrors including 1337x.to are also blocked. To easily unblock 1337x in a few moments, choose one of the other domains from the list below.

1) Kickass Torrents: Since this site follows a similar workflow to the 1337x website, it is chosen as the finest option. People use this service to download their choice of stuff from different countries.

Top 1337x Alternatives Torrent Sites

2) EZTV: Even after being blamed for pirating content from ETTV, the website is still working rightly. Even though some content is missing, users will still find superior-quality content here.

EZTV Torrent

3) Torrentz2: This index aids users in locating their torrent content within a sizable library. This library was accumulated from different torrent sites. Users will search through a few of the torrent sites that are readily existent before choosing the right one for users. Here, users find several older stuff in no time.


4) Lime Torrent: The lime torrent is an ideal choice for someone searching for trustworthy torrents. The website is always reorganized and updated with new content. Every file has a health pattern, which can reduce the most possible risks.

Lime Torrent

5) The Pirate Bay: Similar to the 1337x site, this is one of the prominent websites for downloading content. There are still reliable proxies for this website irrespective of the fact that it is blocked in many regions. Finding the website could be challenging sometimes, but once this is performed, downloading files gets simple.

The Pirate Bay

6) Torlock: This is one of the top preferred 1337x alternatives on the list especially to avoid fake torrents. This website holds a huge content databank, and users can traverse it effortlessly. There will also assist top 100 materials displayed to users as per the regular market. The attractive feature of this platform is that it offers $1 to users who identify a bogus torrent.



Regardless of how often these alternatives are used, 1337x offers the best top-quality stuff. If users are having trouble accessing the original site, they can use the 1337x proxy sites. This site’s abundance of contents vastly outweighs that of any other website, leaving others far behind. On this website, users can even find the newest releases.

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