What Is the Web3 Movement and How Can I Get Involved?

People are starting to realize the inequity that exists in the digital world in greater number and intensity. This is a problem that’s been growing in magnitude since the early 2000s, and it’s come to a head in recent years. Web3 is a movement toward a more equitable internet infrastructure, and it’s built on the technological breakthroughs that have enabled cryptocurrencies, digital sharing technologies, and more.

With a partner in your digital voyage like SokuSwap, making your mark on the transformation of the internet from the 2.0 model that we as consumers are experiencing today to a Web3 infrastructure that seeks to rewrite data rules is easy. SokuSwap is a DeFi platform that allows users to initiate robust staking options within the world of cryptocurrency while continuing to bolster the new way forward in the digital age. Crypto, DeFi, and other technologies are just the beginning as we approach greater market ownership for all.

Continue reading to learn more about the Web3 movement and all that it can provide to you as a digital user.

Web3 is a transformation that seeks greater equity in the online marketplace.

Web3 is a transformation

The Web3 concept is a simple one. The internet was created to instill a grander sense of unity and communal sharing of information. The digital pipeline allows for a constant flow of ideas, and yet its first commercial iteration lacked the sophistication required to find any meaningful data. In its early days, the internet was like a library stocked full of everything you could possibly want to find, yet all the books were out of order. Searching through the digital minefield was reserved for those who knew programming languages and had the time and patience to discover the gems of the digital realm.

In the second incarnation, “Web 2.0,” media titans rose up to solve this problem. From Google to TikTok, social network infrastructure acts to capture our attention while providing the immediate feedback that is demanded of the modern digital space. Users are able to capture information far more effectively today, but they sacrifice something in the process. In today’s digital arena, a user must allow these giant corporations to extract key insights and personal information in order to engage with the full spectrum of content in the rich environment that the internet can provide. These businesses are out to make money, and your personal information is no exception.

In the Web3 model, users will regain autonomy and authority over their digital persona once more. Instead of offering up essential data that others can use over and over again to create their own profit, users will have an intimate say in the way the digital space operates, evolves, and more. Most importantly, the grip of these massive companies will be loosened, allowing for users to engage with digital content in the way it was intended while maintaining the same functionalities that we’ve come to associate with social media and other online platforms.

Blockchain and crypto approaches will weigh heavily on the design of this new world.

Blockchain and crypto approaches

Users who are advocating for a new approach to digital connectivity often lean in heavily on the use and expansion of cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrency offers the blueprint for the infrastructure of this new age of internet access. The blockchain removes central authority from the likes of big banks, gigantic technology companies, and more. Instead, users participate as a collective authority, guiding their own destiny through the decentralized tools that cryptocurrency and other use cases that are built with this approach at their heart have created and inspired.

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