YouTube SEO: Rank Higher and Attract More Viewers

Video is an excellent medium for sharing your business’s products and services, and it engages audiences in a way that written content simply can’t. But just posting a video to YouTube isn’t going to make it go viral or automatically drive consumers to your website. Since YouTube offers companies many opportunities, many companies are making videos. You’ll have to be smart and make the right moves to stand out from the competition. The question is: how can you do that?

YouTube SEO

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of video SEO and how companies can improve their search engine rankings on YouTube.

What Is YouTube Video SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the practice of employing specific methods to boost your content’s ranking in searches on Google and other search engines. You can use similar techniques to promote your video content in searches on YouTube.

Choosing the best platform is key, and YouTube is undoubtedly the platform that will give you the most traffic for video. Of course, it helps that YouTube and Google are connected. These days, YouTube is as big of a search engine as Google.

How To Improve YouTube Video SEO Rankings

Some of the tips we have included here are similar to SEO methods for other types of content, like blog posts or website content. Other suggestions are explicitly geared toward video and YouTube itself.

Keywords Are Key

Research the best video SEO keywords and use them naturally—no keyword stuffing. Utilize trending keywords that are also the most relevant to your content. Some resources to bookmark include Google Trends and the Google Ads Keyword Planner.

Using Keywords in Video

Don’t overlook the impact of a YouTube video’s text. The video file’s name, the words you speak during the video (and, therefore, the closed captions), and the video description should all include the keywords you selected for your video.

Think from the perspective of the searcher. If you’re typing something into YouTube’s search bar, aren’t you more inclined to click on videos with those exact search terms in the title? Make sure that you include those top keywords and that the title and description are thought out and well-written. Don’t include keywords that are irrelevant to the content of the video.

You should include generic phrases to indicate the video’s context in your title and description. Is it a demonstration? A product review? A how-to guide? A ranking? Comparisons to similar products or services from competitors? Let the searcher know that.

In addition to giving your video a relevant title, you should name the video file itself and include your keywords.

Video Description

The description of your video is something to pay attention to. Yes, the title is what people see first, but the description offers incredible opportunities for boosting SEO. In the description, YouTube recommends using keywords within the first few sentences. Some people search using hashtags, so include those relevant in your video descriptions as well.

You should also include backlinks to other videos and your company’s website in the description.

YouTube Video Thumbnails

Choose the most eye-catching, high-quality, and engaging thumbnail image. Anytime you open YouTube, you see videos with thumbnails of creators making exaggerated facial expressions. This is a strategic choice. You want to pick an image that will get the most clicks.

Of course, including a face isn’t necessary if it doesn’t suit the video’s content. There are other ways to make your thumbnail eye-catching, including the use of bright colors with clear contrast.

You can also add text overlay to the image. This helps the viewer better understand your video’s content. Using fun and creative fonts and text effects can also add an extra wow factor.

Captions and Transcripts Are a Must for Video SEO

Add captions and transcriptions for every video you upload. Transcriptions help search engines locate keywords spoken in your videos and identify what the video is about. Subtitles and closed caption options boost accessibility, which can also improve your video’s ranking. You can even choose which languages your video’s captions will be translated into, which can be very helpful if your business is global.

YouTube Categories

Add more context to the content by selecting a relevant category for your video. YouTube has categories for how-tos, demonstrations, vehicles, education, travel, and so on.

Use On-Hand Video SEO Resources

Take advantage of the tools and analytics provided by Google and YouTube to help creators improve video SEO. Google offers videos teaching you how to use their analytics tools, and YouTube has videos on the YouTube Creators channel. By monitoring and tracking analytics as you implement your YouTube SEO plans, you can use the data to judge what is and is not working and adjust accordingly.

Quality of Video Content Helps SEO

Create video content that is helpful and evergreen so viewers will return to them and rewatch. The more valuable and informative your video is, the more likely people are to share it, expanding the reach of your company.

Collaborate With a Production Company Experienced in Video SEO

If you have an excellent idea for the type of video that will set you apart and grab everyone’s attention, it’s time to turn that into a reality. Make sure your target audience and others see it by boosting your video SEO.

Consider turning to an experienced video production agency, such as Pretzel Logic Productions in San Diego, for the highest-quality YouTube videos. Any agency with experience making YouTube videos will have insight into SEO and how to achieve higher rankings.

YouTube is a valuable tool, both for those consuming content and those creating it. Take advantage of those benefits. Follow these SEO tips, and you’ll jump to the top of the search rankings in no time.

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