What type of coating to choose for your roof?

If you are building or renovating your roof, you will no doubt be wondering which liner to choose. If tile is the most used material nowadays, slate, metal roofing or green roof are more and more popular. It becomes sometimes difficult to know which one to choose. In this article, we have made a short overview of each type of coating that you can choose from that would be suitable for you.

What type of coating to choose for your roof

Tiled Roof

This is the most common type of flooring in the country. The tiles have many advantages, which explains this massive choice. Strength, durability and aesthetics are without a doubt the biggest benefits of the tile.

There are large number of different tiles (flat, canal, Romanesque and so on) and they can also be made of different materials (concrete, terracotta, wood).

The type of tile to choose will be determined by your taste, but also by what your municipality or region requires.

The Slate Roof

Natural (and therefore recyclable), incombustible and resistant to any test(its lifespan is considered to be over 100 years!) Slate is naturally synonymous with quality when it comes to roof coverage. But also of a certain prestige since, of black color, the slate has a beautiful aesthetics. Slate also rhymes with good thermal insulation which is never negligible.

Resistant to the foam, it can nevertheless rust. We must also pay attention to its fragile nature. It is therefore strongly discouraged to walk on it. Moreover, its pose is very technical, it is better to call a professional roofer.

Be careful, it is important to learn from your community before laying a slate roof, it is not always allowed to do so.

The Green Roof

In recent years, we have seen this type of roof arrive. The ecological but also aesthetic cover is composed of plantations and is equipped with a sealing and water evacuation system. It also helps to recover and exploit rainwater.

Its thermal and sound insulation capabilities are quite good and maintenance is minimal. This roof can be placed on a flat roof or with a slope of up to 35 degrees. Nevertheless, its costs is a bit higher but some companies are trying to democratize it.

The Roof Terrace

The roof terrace is a totally flat roof. It can be used as an extra terrace, but to do this, it must be secured to prevent falls. Not accessible, it is also dangerous to consider it as an extra terrace.

On the other hand, accessible and arranged, it can serve as a terrace. Garden chairs and small tables can be installed without worry.

No matter the type of coating you choose from, there’s always one that would just be right for you.

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