Writing And Social: Why The Written Word Is Your Marketing Advantage

For a long time, marketing was done by word of mouth. The consumer was entirely passive. They would see an advert, and that is it, they would decide to buy or not to. Writing has, however, gotten ground over the years. Today, writing gives you marketing advantage you could not have gotten anywhere.

Why The Written Word Is Your Marketing Advantage

Writing requires time

Everybody can write today, but not everyone can write and sell. There is a need to connect with your consumers through your style of writing. The first thing in written words as a marketing advantage is that you get to know your audience. This starts by doing social analytics of your targeted readers. Once you have understood underlying factors such as age, family background, sex, gender, education, product preferences, you can then write. This will mean that you are approaching your writing more contextually with information and can easily appeal to the needs of your consumers.

Writing is informative

The thing about good writing in marketing is that it has to be tight. This does not mean that the marketer gets to spend a lot of time writing to make it work. The writer needs to learn to use the fewest words to make sense. Writing as a marketing tool allows you to clear issues in the simplest form through conversational means, literature, and poetry, among others. In the end, the client should be able to understand more about the product. Look at ebook publishers for example – usingamazon marketing services for authorscan really help the writer get the most out of their content by using the massively popular Amazon platform as a springboard to success.

Writing demonstrates the value of the product

Today the internet is the biggest channel of communication. The world is moving towards convenience, and therefore, we have more e-commerce than ever before. Writing demonstrates value of product. Writing comes first before any other media complements a marketing campaign.

Writing triggers action

Email copies, blog posts, among other forms of written word marketing, make it easy to encourage a consumer to act on a marketing campaign. To cause action, the writer needs to choose his words carefully, and if he succeeds in doing that, they can easily convince a consumer to buy a product.

Writing is more flexible

Writing is wide, and you can do it a thousand times and never be wrong if you have done some good practice. Writing allows you to play with many factors. The structure, “introduction, body, and conclusion is the power of three,” which makes it easy to convey messages to your audiences. The rules about what to avoid in writing for marketing are clear, and therefore, you know what to do and what not to do, making it a straight but subtle form of marketing.

Writing gives a branding mileage

Whereas aspects like audios and videos on TV and radio might be working perfectly for your marketing campaign, writing can kill two birds with one stone. Writing can grow your brand through brochures, email pitches, banners, among others. People will know what you look like when you attach your logo, emblem, and color to your written marketing copies.

Marketing success depends on writing, mainly on digital marketing. The benefits underlying writing are multiple the ones listed above. You need to take advantage of it and get it right.


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