5 Seasons You Must Watch Before The End Of 2018 And Up Coming 2019

Sitting on the couch for long hours, eyes, mind and ears fully focused on TV. That’s what the people are doing, watching series. Series has now become a new addiction, which holds you for hours in front of the television without having any break. Among the young generation series are very common, they spend their time on it. Not only young people but also adults as well, it feels like tv series are taking over movies in such a way that after sometime majority will switch to watching series rather than movies. The reason behind that much addiction towards series is that it keeps you on hold. The writers of the series to know what the audience really want to watch.

Seasons You Must Watch

Every year, the month a new series or season comes in your way which grabs your full attention in a way that you devote yourself to it. It’s not like, that tv series started in the year of 20s or 21st, it has been coming for a long time, can say from 90s or 80s and since then people are investing their every hour on a single episode of their favorite shows. As said, every year new series, just like in 2018 there were numerous seasons released, some of it put a benchmark, but others didn’t. So for all the audience out there, newly series fan, trendy fans(so-called fans) I got the list of the top 5 seasons you must definitely watch it before the end of 2018.

Those shows are basically ranked in every manner, from direction to acting. Every people has their own taste of watching seasons, but it covers all the aspects of it. So get ready for the rollercoaster ride which will lead you to the top5 best series and I bet after reading this article people who haven’t seen those shows will definitely watch it.


  1. The Handmaid’s Tale
  2. Atlanta
  3. The Chi
  4. Mirzapur
  5. Homecoming

On the above are the top 5 shows, although those are not the trendy ones because its obvious people have seen GOT or Peaky Blinders and other major high rated shows. My picks are the ones which might not have been watched by an audience, although only real tv drama fan must have seen it. Get into deep in each show and see what’s it about.

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale:

The handmaid’s tale is a fictional based story, revolves around the character June Osborne (Elisabeth Mose) whose been forcedly captivated by the fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. The main agenda is that, to distribute young females to each rich family, which will help them to give birth a child for them. The wives used to dominate those maidens. Apart from June, there are two other strong characters Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) and Yvonne Strahovski(Sarena Joy Waterford). This year, handmaid’s tale released season 2, which is more highly anticipated in every manner. Like its previous season, handmaid’s tale won the Best Drama Award as well. If you want to watch an actual drama with the touch of politics, sci-fi, romance, betrayal, etc. then Handmaid’s tale is on your way and you just have to play it.

  1. Atlanta:

My second pick is 2018’s one of the amazing comedy series known as “Atlanta”. The story roams around three main characters, Earnest (Donald Grover) who’s living with her girlfriend and a kid. Earnest trying to earn some money to support his family, during that he discovers his cousin Alfred ‘Paper Boi’ Miles’s (Brian Tyree Henry) rap video going viral. The plot of Atlanta is really legit, if you understand African American comic style then you might love it. Its critically acclaimed best comedy show of 2018, apart from comedy it teaches brotherhood, friendship, relationship. At some point, you find it some cliché stuff but all through the show, you will laugh on every joke and the way they acted.

  1. The Chi:

The chi is total new series released in 2018 7th of January under Showtime. Before I begin to tell you about the main plot, let me clarify the name Chi, chi stands for Chicago in short. The show revolves around African American sector in the USA, where a single shocking event changed the whole life of that neighborhood. One innocent murder creates a new scenario where unexpectedly a young boy named Kevin Williams(Alex R. Hibbert) saw a murder. After then this whole story follows around his brother, mother and other characters. The story of chi is really captivating, from episode one, it will hang you in the middle of thinking what’s going to happen now.

  1. Mirzapur (Indian series)

People recently were so much got into Sacred games, that everyone talking about it. No doubt, sacred games is an outstanding show and brilliantly executed by Anurag Kashyap. But a couple of days ago I discovered this masterpiece. A real Indian gangster series with an interesting story, dialogues, actors. Mirzapur is a place in India ruling by Akhandanand Triphati a.k.a Kaleen bhaiya(Pankaj Tripathi­) apart from being the Mafia, has a billionaire and owner of carpet business. Along with that his son Munna Tripathi (Divyendu Sharma) whose hungry for power, a so-called machoman with his backup men. As every character is playing an important role, but one another character who has shown his different side of acting in such a way that he even transformed himself in every way. Ali Fazal(Guddu ) who beat Munna for threatening his father. Now the whole story turned and for that, you need to watch the whole series. From episode one, every single dialogue is marvelous, although usage of abusive language is included and adult content as well. But apart from that, if you feel hungry to watch the real Indian gangster series, then it’s your major stop.

  1. Homecoming:

From the creator of Mr.Robot sam, esmail is back with most anticipated, drama and thrilled series named “Homecoming”. Homecoming is newly released series starring Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale and Stephen James. Homecoming is basically an institution for the soldiers, who have fought in the war and now they have no proper civilian life because of the depression. Heidi(Julia) counsel them in the homecoming but years later she started a new life, but then out of nowhere a sudden encounter with the Cops, she realized there’s a whole new story behind her. The show has not disappointed in every manner, as per the acting Julia Roberts nailed it. Can say it’s a mind-blowing show which will keep you for hours in such a way that won’t even go away from your screen.

So on the above are the top 5 seasons that you really must watch it before the end of 2018. Every show above caters different genre, story which has their own charm, taste and style. You can also read these tv series stories on StreetBuzz. The plotting of each series is unexpected, you might be get shocked after every single episode. So, want to spend your Christmas holidays, then you know the gate to knock.

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