Want To Know How To Watch ‘Blue Is The Warmest Color’ On Netflix? Keep Reading!

‘Netflix & Chill’ is by far, one of the best catchphrases used by any media channel or brand in general. Netflix & chill has become synonymous with spending quality time with our loved ones or just by oneself. It is one of the most popular video streaming applications and this is proven when you look at the number of subscribers the app has. By the end of 2022, Netflix registered a list of whopping 231 million users. It is home to some of the best videos including but not restricted to only movies or TV shows. One such movie worth your time is a French movie titled ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’. If you have already heard of the movie and want to know how to watch ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ on Netflix? Keep reading. If you are someone who is currently in the process of exploring new movies to watch, well, all we can say is, keep reading!

Blue Is The Warmest Color’ On Netflix

What is the movie ‘Blue is the warmest color’ all about?

The French movie was released in 2013. It is a romantic movie and details the life story of a fictional character called Adele. The movie’s story is derived from a 2010 novel written by Jul Maroh with the same title.

The color Blue in the title and the movie is of high significance. Throughout the movie, the color is used extensively either in the form of hair color or in the last scene when Adele wears a blue-colored dress.

When you watch the movie, you will know exactly the blue color represents the personal traits of Adele, the protagonist in the film.

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Blue Is The Warmest Color’ On Netflix

With this, let’s jump straight into finding out how you can watch the movie on Netflix.

There are two probabilities:

1- The movie is available in your country and on regional Netflix

2- The movie is not available in your country

In the case of the former, all you need to do is type in ‘Blue is the warmest color’ in the search option of Netflix.

The problem arises in the second scenario when the movie cannot be accessed the conventional way on Netflix. However, there is a solution to it and all you need is access to a good VPN connection.

What’s a VPN connection?

What’s a VPN connection

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is used extensively to create a network connection that is completely protected using public networks. In a way, VPN is used to disguise the online identity of the user by encrypting the internet. Third parties will be unable to track your online activities and would not be able to store any data. All of these activities take place in real-time.

All of this may sound very serious but there are several ways to use VPN. We have listed some of them below for your understanding:

1- Acts as a disguise

: VPN servers function as proxies over the internet. Since the location data is retrieved from a server from another country, your actual whereabouts cannot be located. In addition to this, VPN does not save your activities in any form which makes it more useful.

2- The encryption is highly secure

: An encryption key would be needed to read the data and the absence of one will protect your online activities against brute force attacks.

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3- Regional content on your PC/laptop

: Regional content is not available worldwide. There are certain websites, services, or content that can only be viewed in some particular regions. In the standard of normal connections, local servers in a region are put to use to determine the location of the user. This means that when traveling or international use cannot access the regional content. This is where VPN comes to play because VPN location spoofing helps in switching servers to a different country thus in a way changing your location, at least online.

Blue Is The Warmest Color’ On Netflix

4- Highly secure transfer of data

: Accessing information on a public network can make your system vulnerable to cyber-attack, however, VPN offers high security in terms of data transfer since it uses encryption methods.

If you are still unsure if VPN is the right choice for you to watch blue is the warmest color on Netflix, we have narrowed down some reasons that should help you clear your doubts:

  • The internet speed with the VPN is fast and uninterrupted. There will not be any buffering or lagging issues while you are playing the movie or as a matter of fact, any other content
  • Bandwidth throttling can cause the internet speed to reduce which happens when the internet provider purposely reduces the speed of the internet when they are under the view that your browsing is taking more space on the server. VPN, in such cases, comes with several advantages if you wish to avoid any limitations caused by bandwidth limitation
  • The extremely secure encryption methods used by the VPN allow you to stream your favorite content from anywhere at any time without having to worry about any hacking activities
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Let’s discuss some of the best VPN options available in the market for you:

1- NordVPN

  • A high-speed VPN that ensures the highest level of browsing security. NordVPN can handle up to 6 devices at the same time. It is also one of the most cost-effective VPNs available for use and ideal if you wish to share it with friends or family
  • NordVPN is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS

2- VPN Vault by Appsverse

  • It is a highly sought-after VPN application loved by many. It is capable of providing you with content from across 75 countries and uses 256-bit encryption beating other VPN applications. It provides uninterrupted and fast-paced internet connection and words for both Android and iOS systems


We all draw inspiration from the things we see and feel in our surroundings. Movies play an important role in shaping the minds of impressionable audiences. Blue is the warmest color and is a movie about accepting love as it is and looking ahead in life. It is a romantic movie but shows the not-so-easy part of it and hence we recommend watching it. If it is available in your country, it is worth investing your life and if the movie cannot be accessed, try using a VPN connection to watch it on Netflix.

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