Ways To Fix Err_Internet_Disconnected On Windows

When we open a webpage, all we want is a seamless browsing experience. However, there are days that either the computer or the internet connection is not working up to our expectations. It can get frustrating but every problem has a solution and today, in this blog we will be discussing one such common issue and what can be done to solve it. The ‘Err_Internet_Disconnected’ is a common error that most of us experience frequently. Keep reading until the end to find ways to fix Err_Internet_Disconnected on Windows

  • The error is mostly caused by inaccurate customer settings or faulty extensions in the browser
  • The steps to solve the error are extremely simple and do not take more than a few minutes to resolve
  • You may not be aware, but it is one of the most common browsing errors


Google Chrome, is the go-to browser for every internet user. Even if we do not use it there is no way that we are unaware of its existence. It is one of the most user-friendly browsers available to us. But the browser frequently reports the error ‘Err_Internet_Disconnected’. Before we look into the possible solutions, let’s try and understand what exactly does it mean?

The pop-up message is just a way of your computer letting you know that the browser was unable to establish a secure and workable internet connection with the host. When a user types a certain website on the browser, it first has to create a connection with the requested website and only then the browser can display the contents of the website. In situations where the browser was unable to create a connection, it automatically tells the user that the contents could not be fetched for display.

What is the main reason for the error?

Well, the primary cause for reporting of Err_Internet_Disconnected is the absence of a working internet connection. The computer is not connected to the internet which can be either from Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot.

When the browser is first launched, it is not aware if there is a working internet connection. When details are typed in, the browser will simply perform its function of requesting the data and displaying it once it can be accessed. In situations where the internet connection is not functioning, it displays the message ‘Err_Internet_Disconnected’.


Fortunately, it is not a major concern and can be solved within a few minutes depending on the exact cause of the issue because it is not always necessary that the error is due to the loss of the internet connection only. Sometimes, there can be several other underlying issues as well which are related to:

  • Faulty network driver
  • Faulty extensions
  • Corrupt browser data
  • Proxy activation on a personal computer

Here are the ways to fix Err_Internet_Disconnected on Windows

1- Check if the internet is working

Check if the internet is working

As mentioned above, the lack of access to a working internet connection is a primary cause of the error, and hence always first check if the connection is working or not. You can do this but accessing the connection on a different device like a mobile phone, laptop, or any other system that works using the internet

In case all of the other devices are not working too, the problem could be network cable extension. So ensure that all the necessary connections are securely placed.

In case the problem is with one device only, try restarting the system by pressing the power button for 10 to 15 seconds and restarting after waiting for a few more seconds.

2- Clearing browsing data and cache could resolve the issue

If you are sure that the internet connection is not the problem since it is working perfectly fine on other systems, we recommend you try and clear the browsing data and cache history.

Follow these steps to ensure that the cache is not causing the reporting of Err_Internet_Disconnected error

  • At the top right corner of the screen, click on the parallel three dots which represent the Menu option
  • Once there, scroll down to the Settings option followed by locating and accessing ‘Privacy and Security’. These options will be present on the left side of the screen
  • Go to the Clear browsing data option and in the net pop-up, select ‘All Time’ in the ‘Time Range’ option
  • Make sure to select ‘Browsing History’, ‘Cookies and other site data’, and ‘Cached images and files’
  • Finally, click on the Clear Data option and re-launch the Google Chrome browser

If the problem with the cache memory, it should be resolved with these steps

3- Try changing the permission granted to the antivirus installed on the PC

Try changing the permission granted to the antivirus installed on the PC

Sometimes, third-party antivirus can interfere with the internet connection and cause the reporting of the error under discussion

In case the above two methods failed to deliver as per expectations, try changing the permissions granted to the antivirus by either disabling them or removing them together.

We would recommend first disabling the firewall and antivirus but if this does not solve the problem, you may have to uninstall them from the system. If the problem gets fixed after removal, you can always re-install the third-party applications.

4- The network adapter could be one of the reasons for the error

Sometimes, the error may pop up in case there is a significant incompatibility between the network driver and the operating system.

To fix the issue, the drivers may have to be deleted, followed by restarting the system and reinstalling the driver if the issue is fixed.

To uninstall the network adaptor, follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows logo on the keypad along with the X which will open Power User Menu
  • In the option, go to Device Manager. Once the option opens up, try to locate the network adaptor and uninstalled it by right-clicking on the option
  • If you get the option Delete the driver software for this device, click on it, followed by selecting the Uninstall option

This should resolve the issue with the error.

To conclude, the Err_Internet_Disconnected is a common and not-so-serious type of error. It is basically due to an ineffective connection between the host and the browser and there is nothing to worry about. Just some simple tricks like the ones mentioned above should solve the problem. If all else fails, go ahead and reset the Chrome browser itself which will definitely resolve the issue.

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