FoneMonitor-An Advanced Way To Track Any Android or iOS Phone or Tablet

Smartphones are highly addictive. Even if you teach your child to only use it for productive purposes, various things appear out of nowhere. Do your children frequently lie to you, and do you now have no choice but to spy on them? Do you have a child whose phone you want to keep an eye on to ensure they are not being distracted unnecessarily? In this review, we will look at a tool that allows you to remotely track other people’s smartphones. We will conduct a thorough FoneMonitor review to examine its features and determine whether or not this deal is suitable for you.

What is FoneMonitor?

FoneMonitor is a trustworthy online monitoring service that allows you to spy on other people’s Android or iOS devices. As a result, you can easily access someone’s messages and online activities. You can easily track your employees’ activities and know what your children are doing at all times by using the FoneMonitor spying service.

The service is simple to use because all you have to do is sign up for a FoneMonitor account and then install the software on the target device. You can monitor the target user’s messages, calls, and other activities by logging into your PC’s browser or cell phone.

FoneMonitor is one of the best monitoring spy software for both iOS and Android devices. It is simply a useful application for spying on a phone. It tracks smartphones in the most efficient manner, whether they are iOS or Android devices. It is compatible with both platforms and can track text messages on both the iPhone and Android. It monitors the phone, SMS, location, calls logs, browser history, and a slew of social media bugs such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Keylogger, and others.

Main Features of FoneMonitor:

  • Monitoring of SMS sent and received by various contacts: FoneMonitor allows you to view all messages sent and received by the tracked Android and iPhone devices. In addition, you can play and download MMS.
  • Monitoring Spy Phone Calls: When you need to track a phone, the first thing you want to track is the call logs. This is provided by FoneMonitor. In the tracking control panel, you can see a breakdown of all calls made and received.
  • Control all installed applications and view the photos and videos that have been downloaded from them. You can also quickly learn about the number of apps installed on the tracked phone, and you can download images used by those apps.
  • View all of your browsing activity, including web address records. These allow you to keep a closer eye on your children and employees.
  • Check all photos, music, and videos that have been downloaded to the target iOS devices.
  • Check notes, reminders, and calendar activities to ensure they are reasonable.
  • Follow the device’s path and learn where it has been: Using FoneMonitor, you can learn the specific location of the monitored device as well as the path history of that device.

Compatibility: Android OS, iOS (iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices), Windows and Mac OS.

How to Use FoneMonitor?

How to Use FoneMonitor

Using this app, you can monitor all activities on children’s and employees’ iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices. The best part is that you can spy on someone’s phone without jailbreaking or installing any apps on it. You can easily configure FoneMonitor from a browser to access the information whenever and wherever there is a network.

Step by step procedure:

First, we created a FoneMonitor account: Quite an easy step here. You just provide your email address, real data, and your desired password.

Create FoneMonitor account

Select the target phone: Choose the application OS (Android or iOS), along with the name and age of the owner of the target device.

Select the target phone FoneMonitor

That’s all. We can now begin monitoring the desired device.

FoneMonitor monitoring the desired device

If the desired device is an Android smartphone, then we need to go on with one more step, in order to allow for the installation of Unknown Sources.

FoneMonitor installation of Unknown Sources

Then, by clicking on Start Supervision, add the app as a System Service to remove the app icon from the menu, so the owner (a small child or an employee of your company) is unaware he is being monitored.

FoneMonitor app as a System Service

According to FoneMonitor, there are 29 different types of data on phones that can be accessed while remaining malware and plugin-free. It also provides support 24 hours a day, seven days a week via email or live chat.


As previously stated, this tool was designed to be used for good purposes, such as spying on your children and employees to learn more about their chatting, browsing, and other habits. It must not be used for illegal purposes. We hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions or comments about the preceding article, please leave them in the section below. We will gladly assist you.

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