How To Connect Mobile Internet To A Laptop?

A laptop or a computer is always considered as a preferred device than mobile phones even though smartphones rule the world of technology to the maximum. A bigger screen and effective working space is the need of the people whose work depends on their PCs and internet. However, mobile phones, because of their compactness and their portable nature have become more reliable in recent times. Hence using mobile phones for immediate or urgent requirements over laptops has become a normal tendency among people who cannot be accessible to PCs on a regular and frequent basis.

With all this booming technology advancement swirling around our lives, connecting one device to another through the internet or Wi-Fi has become a necessity. Connecting your mobile phone to the laptop with the help of the internet, Bluetooth, or USB cables has become a usual practice in the world of technology. Even though smartphones surpass the profiling, adaptability, and efficiency of your laptop, they can still be connected and used for various purposes.

This article will be a live summary of how to connect your smartphones to your laptop and PCs without any glitches or hiccups. There are also times when the connectivity of these two devices would be leveraged for mere transfer of files or for checking any random data. In any case, connecting the devices through various means like the internet or USB has always been a simple process. There are many methods of connection that can be harnessed like wireless transfer or USB/data cables. We will divulge information about them one by one in detail.

Connection of mobile phone to laptop through Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that has been used extensively for unfettered data transfers and synchronizing of different systems. The devices that harness Bluetooth technology are computers, laptops, audio devices, gaming consoles, etc. With Bluetooth in place, connecting your mobile phone with a laptop or PC is very easy and effective as a process.

It works with a help of a pairing technology that exquisitely links both the devices through remoteness and positioning of either of them. For Bluetooth to work properly, both the devices to be linked have to be positioned nearer to each other for it to be tracked and discovered.

Before you go ahead connecting the device via Bluetooth, there is a necessity to pin down your Bluetooth device by its name. Hence naming it becomes important so as to track down the correct Bluetooth device, be it your smartphone or computer. Finding the name in the list and moving to pair it, is the way of Bluetooth connection which is regarded as a simple and effective choice of linking two devices.

Connecting a mobile phone to PC using cables:

Data connection using cables is an old and familiar way of connecting two devices. The cables in this process can be anything ranging from Ethernet cables, coaxial cables, to serial cables and so on. There is another way of connection available involving cables, and the one which is too common these days is the USB connection. There is a substantial difference between USB cable connection and data cable connection which needs to be explained in detail.

Data Cable connection:

Linking two devices with cables plugged onto both ends of them is called a data cable connection. This indicates that data has been transferred and linked between both the devices by a mere online connection through a cable wire.

Data Cable connection

USB connection:

All you need for this connection is the USB extension cord, which has to be plugged into the socket. This way the transfer of data is simple and efficient, where both the devices are connected simultaneously for a single streaming data and are in complete sync with each other.

Connection of mobile phone to PC through the internet:

Connection of mobile phone to PC through the internet

Internet connection in devices can aid in linking and transfer of data in a more flexible and effective way. One of the most prominent ways of connection is by enabling the hotspot in either of the devices and running the Wi-Fi in another. People, who cannot afford or access the data package can easily connect using hotspot tethering without any potential glitches.

Connection through IP address:

Connection through IP address

This way of connection is used only for data transfers where data from one device can be shifted to another device at ease. Before you plunge your way to connect, you have to download the Teamview app which generated a shared ID. The owner of the ID would share it with the other person responsible for the second device while authorizing him for specific access in control. Now the connection between the two devices happens within the accessibility limit pertaining to the second device.

Even while connecting through IP address, it is the internet connection that is at stake, for linking two devices. It is an internet protocol that gets shared for the effective transfer of data.

Connection through ShareIt:

ShareIt is the modern-day technology used for connecting devices with transfer speed surpassing the limits of any other linking technology. Though it is a downloadable application, the efficiency of this platform in linking two devices is extraordinary. Movies, music, wallpapers, or large pictures can be shared and transferred at ease. Both the transferring device and the recipient device should have the application installed for a smooth flow of data. The latest and recent edition of the application has shunned the pairing system while relying on QR codes or IDs for transfer.


As the advancement of technology surges forward day by day, the increasing need to linking and transferring of data becomes a prospect of demand. Hence different methods of connection have always been in practice, and the ones that fit your requirement should be in place and available for seamless flow of data between devices.

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