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How to Play Sudoku


I have often tried to play Sudoku and just end up throwing puzzle away in temper! I only wish I had thought about looking up how to play it properly in the first place. I thought that you needed to be good with numbers in the order to play this game; this doesn’t case, in fact, you don’t need any mathematical skills at all.

What embarrassed me most is that Sudoku has been designed so that children can play it as well. The mere thought of all those young kids happily completing the puzzle daily basis when I’m obsessing over the fact that I just cannot get numbers in right place really gets me!

So, for if you are in the same position as me, I decided to let you in on a few tips and tricks on how to complete Sudoku with ease. If you don’t already know, most Sudoku puzzles come with 9 squares with 9 squares within them, you need to make sure that you only use numbers 1-9 to each set of squares. Now, read carefully, that’s what you have to achieve:

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  • Every row in puzzle must have numbers 1-9 to them and only 1-9
  • Every of the column in the puzzle must have numbers 1-9 to them and only 1-9
  • All the sub-squares in puzzle must have numbers 1-9 in them

Got it? Good!

Now, don’t panic, there are varying levels of Sudoku puzzles so if you are just starting out then try to make sure that you choose one of easier levels. You will be able to tell it as the puzzle itself will have more of numbers already filled for you. This will make it easier to decide which numbers should be put in the boxes.

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The idea of the game is for you in order to deduce which numbers should go where. Say for instance that you have one sub-square with all of the numbers in it except 4 and 9; you know, these 2 numbers need to be in that square but the tricky bit is knowing which square should you enter which number. Start with 4, maybe you have top right square and bottom left square blank in subsection you’re working on.

All you need to do is scan the rest of puzzle to see if number 4 appears along any of columns or rows in it, if it does you will know where to put the number 4, after this, it’s easy knowing where the number 9 goes.

Well, you have finished first sub-square of your Sudoku puzzle. May I suggest you use a pencil in the beginning, this will enable you to rub out any numbers which end up being incorrect, also make note of number you’re erasing. Happy solving your first Sudoku puzzle!


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