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Kenwood American Fridge Freezer

Kenwood American Fridge Buying Guide

The Technology has many advantages that sometimes it feels like technology has become more superior to any human being. However, it was a human, who added advancement and his expertise in it. Still, technology is superior and rich in terms of popularity. Whenever, we have a positive element, there is always a negative element too. Few people also believe that technology is becoming superior, but it is also becoming the reason of distance. Distance from relationships, distance from humanity, and distance from human kind. Technology is now referred as an addiction, as a habit that people are unable to change. It is stuck in our lives permanent that no one can part away from technology.

It has become a cause of social distraction, people are diverted themselves from the people they love. They are now more indulged in internet lives. The lack of social skills, the lack of communal group, and the lack of communication gap are all the reason, why some people believe that technology is harmful. However, I believe it all depends, how perceive this notion of technology. The balancing and equality is very important in human life and the life of technology. In order to have a balance life, one needs to learn the skill of using technology in a way that it will benefit the human race as well.

This is the reason, why brands of electronic products are succeeding in a way that no one can stop them from progressing them. The quantity of electronic products is now in infinite number. It is now impossible to count that how many electronic products, we have in total worldwide. Another reason, why we need brands. If we want to wash the clothes, all we need a good and automatic washing machine. If we want to dry the clothes, all we need is a dryer. If we want to eat a leftover, we need an oven for it. If we want to drink a chilled drink or a chilled beer, all we need a refrigerator.

Kenwood fridge freezer


Refrigerator, a most powerful invention of all time. As already discussed, that we have many numbers of brands, if we want to buy a refrigerator, then the first difficulty is, of which brand.

Panasonic, Kenwood, Toshiba, Wanca, Philips, Samsung, and Hoover, these are the well renowned brand for fridges specifically. As our topic says Kenwood, so let us discuss the specs and features of Kenwood fridge. So, that we can have a Price comparison as well.

Capacity and Features.

KENWOOD KIFF5017, a full sized integrated fridge and freezer, which has many advantages. A 50/50 fridge and freezer, with a guarantee of 1 year and energy efficiency rating is A+. The energy consumption approximately is 276 kWh. Fridge at the top and freezer at the bottom. Total gross capacity is 248 liters and Total storage capacity is 226 liters. If we see the storage volume, then it is around, Fridge is around 148 liters, and for the freezer, around 78 liters. The glossy white color is another important element that has attracted many customers.

The noise level of this product is again very low, which help this product to work more efficiently and quietly. The noise level is 38 dB (A). The Optimum ambient temperature range is 16 – 38°C. If we see the interior of the fridge, then there are two numbers of shelves with one salad crisper and there are three door compartments. LED interior light with a safety glass and shelves are also adjustable. There is also a wine rack in the fridge. The frosting is another big issue in most of the refrigerators, but in this product, we have an auto defrost function for us, that can be helpful in time of need. It will also keep the food fresh for a long time.

Similarly, if we see the interior of the freezer, then we have four compartments in the freezer section. There is also an ice cube tray along with a front drawer. If we see the look of this fridge and freezer, then we can notice that the usage of an LED in a way, it can show temperature information, super cool, alarm, and power. These are all the eternal touch control on the fridge. Fast chilling function in the fridge does not destroy your leftovers and the rear drainage hose will not let your place dirty and messy. The safe storage time is 12 hours, in case of any emergency. An audible door warning with a single thermostat is also considered its reliable feature. The general feature includes a reversible door with a sliding hinge. The freezer is frost free, which means, the availability of meat or vegetable in your freezer is 100%. You can have it at any time.


The size of the product is 1772 x 540 x 540 mm and the total weight if this product is 54 kg. After knowing the specification and feature, if we got through the review section of this product then we can see, that majority has voted this product as a five star product.


We can also see the retail prices from different websites so that we can compare retail prices in UK. We can go through websites like Phone Retailers in order to have the compare prices in UK. At, we can see the price and it is around £299.99. The discount offers are also available on this website. We can get even lower price of this product, if any discount or any deal is activated on this website. On the other website, we can notice the price, which will be around £305.99.

We can also give a look to the local market. We can even search on the official website of Kenwood, in order to have a good amount. This will help to compare and save this product for our house. Delivery is also easy, when you buy a product online, they will deliver it in a week or two. After having the stock updates, one can order, whenever he feels comfortable.

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