Practical Tips for Effective Use of Sample Papers

One of the most effective ways to score high in your exams is practicing through the sample papers. You can count the history of students who have gained excellent marks in the examination because they were constantly attempting mock tests through the sample papers. And if you have a sample paper of ICSE class 9th, then consider yourself lucky because this year you are going to prepare almost for your class 10th board examinations. However, there are some students who cannot make full use of these sample papers even after attempting and reattempting them before the exams. So, here are some tips that can help you utilise these papers in the best way for your examinations.

Tips for Effective Use of Sample Papers

  • Attempt sample papers only after studying the chapters thoroughly — Many of you students complain that after attempting the sample papers several times your results are not improving. The reason behind this is quite simple, you don’t consider these sample papers as serious ones. Let me ask you a question, will you attempt your examination without studying all the chapters thoroughly? Of course, no. The same reason goes behind attempting your sample papers as well. If you want to ensure that you are getting good results after practicing through this source, it is important that you study each and every chapter properly and only after that try and solve the sample papers.
  • Ensure that the sample papers are from good source— Many times the results after solving the sample papers of ISCE class 9th are not desirable because these are not properly designed. This often happens because the source you are referring to is not verified. However, if you use a good educational source or help, then the sample papers provided in those books or solutions are designed and prepared by expert teachers. Because of this, you solve the question which probably appear in your final examinations as well.
  • Keep the time factor in mind while attempting the sample papers — If you really want to enjoy the full advantage of solving the sample papers of ICSE class 9th, then ensure you are attempting them keeping the time factor in mind. This means that you have to start your paper on time and finish it within the 3 or 2 hours bracket that is provided in the final examination. This gives you the practice to solve all the questions and answer them well within this time limit.
  • Be determined to score full marks in the sample papers — Your hard work wouldn’t give you fruitful results if you are not determined to give the best. Even while attempting the sample papers, ensure that you intend to score full marks in it. Only then you would be solving the papers with all your might and preparing for it with hard work and true dedication. Only then the sample papers would be a ladder to your success in the final examinations.

Each and every sample paper of ICSE class 9th is created and designed to help you get prepared for your final examinations in the best way. Try and use it as much as possible so that you get desirable results in your exams.


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