Simple Methods to Charge Vuse without Charger

Why is Vuse so Popular among the Youth?

Charge Vuse without Charger

E-cig is one of the most trending and liked items among young people and people trying to quit smoking. In the competition for inexpensive e-cigars, the VUSE Alto is especially well-liked. It offers many flavors and has excellent properties. Naturally, it has a POD mode. Draw activation and a long-lasting 350mAh battery are also included. It tops the ranking for the greatest e-cigars for good smoke and breeze, according to experts. Its tiny size makes it simple to transport to various locations. It offers some of the tastiest flavors.

Is your Vuse charger lost or damaged? That’s okay because people tend to make mistakes especially for carrying the device accessories along. Users may want to think about charging Vuse without a charger in this case! Now that we know how to charge a Vuse without a charger, let’s get to learning!

Take the cable from the phone charger and place it in the central channel of the Vuse to learn how to charge a Vuse without a charger. Users can see a signal showing that the charging of their vehicle has started after it has been completed successfully! Just note, learning to charge a Vuse without a charger is very much like learning to charge a pen.

Method 1: Charging Vuse without the help of a Charger

Charging Vuse without the help of a Charger

Fortunately, there are several ways to charge a vaporizer without a charger. Nevertheless, let’s start by saying that not all of them are secure. Vape battery explosions were reported more often when they were connected to the wrong charger.

  • If the Vuse vaper is available with a micro-USB (Universal Serial Bus) charging connector, the user may use the nearby charger (micro-USB), or borrow one, or purchase a new one. The problem of charging a Vuse without a charger if it does not have a micro-USB port still exists since some Vuse models don’t have one.
  • Any Android or iPhone charger can be used to charge the Vuse. Simply cut the charging port of the charger to disclose its internal wires (red and black), and then connect those inner wires directly to the charging region of the Vuse. When the vape is charging, the charging indicator on the Vuse will turn green.
  • However, be mindful of any potential negative effects this technique may have. The vape battery for the Vuse might blow up. Take care when using the charger because it could get damaged.
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Before beginning the process of charging a Vuse without a charger, it’s crucial to learn to gather the necessary supplies.

Charging Vuse

  • Set up a camera so that users can take images or videos if preferred. Make sure the user is aware of the location where the Vuse charging experiment must be done. If the user can, keep beer cans and socks away from the camera by taking them off.
  • Other than that, search for a phone charger with a good lead. Do set the phone away for a while. Be prepared to accept the possibility of not using this lead again.
  • Find a pointed knife now. Maintain composure and cool because rushing through things could render all the efforts useless.

Users can finish the assignment quickly if they have everything prepared in their hands.

Method 2: How to charge a Vuse without a Charger?

How to charge a Vuse without a Charger

If users want to successfully charge their Vuse without a charger, carefully follow the methods listed above.

  • Remove the charging cable from the phone and stop using USB-C, micro USB, or Lightning (depending on the feature of the smartphone).
  • Carefully remove the wire’s sheath and pull out the two thin wires from the middle. Make sure to properly remove these cables so that when users put them back in, their phones may be charged.
  • Users are in luck if the wire might come in both red and black. This makes it easier to determine which wire should go where.
  • Now, carefully remove the insulation, leaving two exposed connections at the end (users may feel like an engineer).
  • The red wire should then be inserted into the center route on the tip of the Vuse. It is now necessary to insert the back wire into the outlet located on the left side of the middle channel.
  • The indication will begin lighting up as everything moves quickly. Soon, the Vuse will begin to charge, and users may start taking puffs.
  • Keep Vuse and both wires in the hands when charging to make sure they aren’t moving around too much. This is because delays could slow down Vuse’s charging process.
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Is your Vuse Not Charging? Know the Reasons…

How to charge a Vuse without a Charger

Despite the careful placement of the entire configuration, the charging of the Vuse frequently fails. If the Vuse is still turned off, it is no longer receiving any power and cannot be charged. Mud particles are one of the most frequent causes of this, by the way. The Vuse commonly fails to charge despite the careful placement of the full arrangement. The Vuse cannot be charged if it is still powered off and is not receiving any power. By the way, one of the most common reasons for this is mud particles.

What to Do If the Vuse begins to Get Warm while Charging?

begins to Get Warm while Charging

Users will be able to tell if the Vuse starts to get warm because they will hold the gadget in their hands while it charges via the USB connector. If this occurs, users should set it down right away and unplug it from the USB port. Because of the considerable risk posed by this warming issue, users shouldn’t use any cord to swap out an Alto charger. The best approach to charge the Vuse isn’t even to use a charger from another manufacturer.

In general, it is best to only use the proper cord to charge the Vuse. With the original cord, users can charge their Vuse Alto by inserting the fast connect end into the Vuse and the other end into a power source.


So, learning how to charge a Vuse without a charger is crucial for users. It’s time to start repairing Vuse if users are facing charging problems. Hope following these instructions helped users to spend some quality time with the Vuse when they are relaxed.

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