Tips to Note While Buying Medicines Online and Offline

Consuming medication is a very responsible act, and you should be informative and reassured about the medications you buy and take. You physicians or medical specialists may give you the prescriptions, which you have to further purchase over the counter or through online.

Tips to buy medicine

Beware of the fact that there are counterfeit medicines too which exists; which may even deliver faulty information about ingredients. In many cases, it is noted that fraudulent practice exists both in brand and generic medicines.

These types of counterfeit drugs are not only illegal but also may be ineffective or even harmful to human health. So, you should be mindful while purchasing medications. In this article, we will review some general advice from experts in terms of buying drugs online and offline.

1. Have a close check

Anytime when your prescription gets refilled:

  • Check if the physical appearance of the drug you get is the same in terms of texture, color, and the package.
  • Check if it tastes and smells the same as of what you used to.
  • Cross check it with the pharmacist or the doctor if you doubt any chance of counterfeiting or on identifying any side effects or packaging defects on the drug.
  • Too low pricing also may be a pointer of fake medicine, stay on guard and compare the pricing of various brands.2.

2. Be cautious while buying online

Nowadays, there are many online websites which sell drugs legally, which is a very convenient and cost-effective way to buy drugs. It also ensures patient privacy and also the scope of getting the best brand of medicines. However, there are also some fraudulent websites among these, which offer drugs which are potentially dangerous and not clinically checked for effectiveness and safety. These rogue sites may also look legitimate and professional but may be operating illegally. You can get information about this and other things from PharmaQuotes.

Be cautious about the rogue sites selling counterfeit medicines as with:

  • No approval from by the National Health Agency
  • Not compliant to the safety standards
  • May adversely interfere with other medications
  • Don’t properly labeled, store, and shipped.

So, while buying medicines online:

  • Don’t buy from those who sell drugs even without prescriptions.
  • Check with the state pharmaceutical board whether the online pharmacy is licensed or not.
  • Check the security and privacy policies of the seller.
  • Don’t share any personal info or credit card information unless you ensure the website is authentic.

3. Buying medicines while traveling

Things to keep in mind are:

  1. If you are taking drugs chronically, then prepare a medical and drug kit to carry.
  2. Ensure that you kept an adequate quantity of medications needed during the trip.
  3. Keep your prescriptions handy to make any emergency purchases.
  4. While traveling abroad, only buy medicines through legal channels.

Even after purchasing a medication, ensure that you abide by the storage conditions and usage of drugs to ensure that it is safe and effective. Some drugs need to be kept in average room temperature whereas some other needed to be kept in a cool, dry environment. Also, make sure that the packing is undamaged while buying medicines.

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