Tricks to find rare Pokemon around you


It would be exciting to know that Pokemon go is back and with the special updated feature which makes it more creative and special to feel. It is important to know that there are two types of rare Pokemon Rare & Legendary. Legendary Pokemon are special Pokemon which are exceptionally powerful and not easy to capture. Legendary Pokemon are also called as “Runners”, “Roaming Pokemon” they move around world map freely and therefore very difficult to capture. It’s harder to capture rare Pokemon as well because the Pokemon which is rare into one area might be common in some other area so they are not easily traced. If you want to capture them the only way is to travel as much as you can. Gymhuntr a popular tool is used in large part of the raid tracking.

tricks to find Pokemons in PokemonGo

Pokemon Go – How it works?

With the help of Gymhuntr which is the browser-based tracker, it is basically designed in such a way so that you can find Pokemon with the best stats or the most out of the way GYM possible. Here I would like to l=clear that although Gymhuntr helps in finding Pokemon it also violates the Pokemon Go terms of service because they allow accessing Niantic data through third party application which is prohibited by Pokemon Go.

Region Specific Pokemon:

Here you must know that there are few region-specific Pokemon which you will be able to find in the certain region frequently. Below are the names of such few Pokemon.

  •  In Europe, Mr. Mime is frequently available.
  • Tauros is frequently available in North America.
  • Farfetch’d, this pokemon can only be found in Asia countries.
  • Kangaskhan is found completely in Australia and New Zealand.

Above mentioned names shows that all the Pokemon are not available in every region. There are certain Pokemon which are region specific and you can only find them in a certain region.

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How can we find rare Pokemon:

The important thing about Pokemon Go is that their strategy is based on a real-life situation so you should handle them by keeping in mind that how you may handle them in your real life. You must be habitual in identifying the rare Pokemon such as their shape and size so that you can spot them easily once you see them in a nearby box.

You can open a nearby menu in your phone and circle the Pokemon which you want to capture by pressing it. A top left corner is the closet sides for you so moves around and try to find out that which side it gets closer to top left corner. Pokemon filtered by you to the nearby menu is always close to you so keep your close eyes on it. The bottom right corner of your device shows you that how close you are to the Pokemon. When you are searching for rare Pokemon, if in case Pokemon is close to you, you will find a footprint behind the silhouette. As much as the Pokemon will come closer to you, you will start finding the footprints of the Pokemon underneath the silhouette.

Note: Rare Pokemon frequently changes their place and roam frequently. It totally depends upon certain factors such as population, landscape, landmarks etc.: and as per the above discussion, it is clear that there are certain regions specific Pokemon as well.

PokemonGo Map:

pokemon Go map

This is also one of the very useful tools which help in finding the rare Pokemon. We can call it Pokemon tractor or locator as well. It simply works with the help of Niantic API which helps in grabbing the location of all the Pokemon available around you. It simply searches the location of all the Pokemon available around you and locates them on the map in real time basis. The best feature is that it also reflects the countdown timer which will help you in estimating that how much time is left in catching the pokemon of your choice. Using Pokemon map is a time-saving activity and easy way to find out Pokemon available around you. It makes the life easy of Pokemon Go lovers because you do not need to scan every corner of the block. You can simply follow the instructions and you will find your Pokemon.


As time is very uncertain we cannot say that what is the future of Gmyhuntr because Niantic has already taken diminish perspective of applications such as Gymhuntr but as of now, the site ’s new usefulness has made it worth & helpful for the PokemonGo lovers.

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