How To Make Money By Blogging In 2018

Make money blogging

The digital world we live in offers plenty of opportunities for making money online. One of the most lucrative opportunities available is through blogging, which some users have become so successful doing that they have even made a living out of it. With so many good blogs out there, the competition for creating a blog that can actually be worth something is pretty stiff. This means that writers have to be extra creative in coming up with an idea that will draw the attention of a large audience while also ensuring that they keep coming back for more. One of the most important SEO magnifier tips is to remember is that you must be patient and have faith in your idea before you move on in an attempt to get money from blogging. Although this may be the most important rule, there are several other blog tips to consider when you want to learn how to earn money from blogging.

Develop a Creative Idea

One of the hardest parts about actually writing a blog is coming up with a great idea to write about. Your idea not only has to be highly interesting and unique, but it also has to be something that could maintain interest for continuous posts. For example, writing about your love for Elvis Presley’s music may be pretty interesting at first, but it’s not the kind of subject that will keep your readers coming back. Think about a unique quality you have that you could talk for hours about. Perhaps, it could be something like “A Day in the Life of a Cancer Survivor” or “My 100 Pound Weight Loss Experiment” or “paraphrasing tool online best secrets that you don’t know” Ideas like these are unique, yet relate-able at the same time, and will keep readers coming back for more, which will increase your money making potential.

Generate Loyal Followers

You should never jump right into buying advertisements before you have even given ad companies a reason to want to advertise with you. Most ad companies base their pricing on the number of page views you have in the thousands. For example, it’s based on a set rate for 1,000 page views, a higher set rate for 2,000 page views, and so on. By proving to both yourself and the ad companies that your idea appeals to people on a large scale, you increase its value and, therefore, increase the number of companies who will want to advertise on your website. One good way to keep followers coming back is by making your blog more interactive. For example, create “comment competitions” and highlight some especially interesting readers so the relationship becomes more of a give-and-take type.

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Add Google AdSense

You will want to use your own personal discretion to decide when the right time is to post ads on your blog; however, when the time comes, you will want to make these ads as subtle as possible. The program will set you up with advertisements that are relative to your subject and pay you just to have them on there. Just by signing up with this program, you could be generating a lot more money each month without hardly having to do anything. Of course, you will want to make sure that you include enough ads to earn a legitimate profit, but not quite so much that you overwhelm or annoy your readers. Pay extra attention to how these ads will look on your website.

Create E-Books

With the introduction of e-books, essentially anyone can write and publish their own book without even needing a publisher. You can promote your own e-book on your blog– either on the subject of how to blog successfully or something related to the subject of your blog itself– and this can encourage sales and help you generate more income. This concept can usually be the most lucrative because it doesn’t necessarily require your readers to consistently come back to your blog. They may just be browsing the Internet, stumble upon your blog and purchase your book to find out more in their own time.

Sign-Up With Pay-Per-Post Companies

If you blog on a daily basis, it would certainly be worth looking into pay-per-post companies, which (as the name suggests) pay you a set rate for each post created. These companies will usually pay you to write about their services and/or products. These companies will also take traffic to your blog into consideration and usually require bloggers to be active for at least a month before signing up. Different companies have different qualifications for bloggers that may be based on the number of visitors you have per week, a specific number of posts, and so on. Despite the sometimes high standards of these companies, some can pay an upwards of $1,000 per post. However, new and non-experienced bloggers should expect to earn a bit less than this figure, but about $10-20 per post isn’t so bad either.

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