7 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing

Search Engine Optimization is still alive and kicking to give your website the maximum web appearance. Most businesses have shifted to web platform to expand their business and productivity. A reliable digital marketing company makes your blog more appealing.

Besides this, you too can improve the overall effectiveness of your website by following a few basic tricks. Here we have listed down the simple ways with which you can make your blog more appealing. Follow this list and start implementing them to offer a more user-friendly environment to the users.

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Design a website with Simple Website

People who do care of their time while surfing on the web platform, like to explore the websites which have a decent user interface. For that reason, you should design a website with a simple look. People don’t like to explore trendy designs especially when they are searching for some products or services to buy online. Go for the simple website!

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Make your navigation simpler

Good navigation is very important especially if your website has a plenty of web pages. If your website doesn’t have good navigation, users might not want to stay for longer on your site and they will quickly move away to find another one with similar product or service.

The main job of the website is to convert Google Searchers to your website’s visitors. Soon, your visitors will become your customers and that’s the actual task of the website. A good navigation on your website helps you in building trust and make your blog an authority blog. If you provide good navigation with useful information, people would surely revisit your blog or website, and they may also recommend your website’s name to others by sharing it on various social networks.

Before designing your website, you need to plan for the navigation and its design. Provide a navigation bar with useful options including the Search box. Search Box helps the visitors to find anything on the website just by typing the Keyword. Besides this, you should also provide a list of categories and tags which also help the visitors to find appropriate content from your website.

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Keep an eye on the Fonts

Fonts are of different types and depending upon your website and its contents, you may want to change it. However, when it comes to visitors, they do like to read simple fonts which comes with easy to read UI.

You should choose the fonts on your website which suits on the background. The fonts of your website should not hurt on the eyes of the visitors.

Besides this, Fonts also help your blog to stay on the top of Google’s search ranking. Fonts are very effective and you should make proper use of them. You can seek help from SEO Expert who can manage your website’s contents well. Bold, italic, Heading Texts and many factors affect the overall traffic of your website.

Speed up the loading time

Nobody wants to waste their time when they search for something on Google. If your website is taking more time in loading, users will quickly close it down and will search for another website. You will lose precious traffic on your website just because of the poor loading time.

Keep the loading time of your website between 3 to 6 seconds and it will be perfectly fine. You can check the speed of the URL from many online tools available on the Internet. If it takes more than 10 seconds to load, you need to hire an expert who can speed up your website by using the available tools.

Simple ways to improve your website’s load time is by enabling browser caching, minimizing HTTP requests and optimizing the images. Optimize images by resizing them and it will improve the loading speed of the web pages.

Choose a reliable theme

If you receive many complaints regarding the speed, design and more from the visitors, it’s time to change your current theme. Yes, you need to change the theme of your website immediately to prevent your visitors from shifting to other platforms.

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