Better Android Web Design Increased Usability And SEO

With the advent of Android phone and other mobile gadgets, web developers are now more focused on designing webs that have more innovative features. This has resulted in an increased usability of your website and has also increased SEO which is the indispensable part in modern online marketing strategy.

Android web development SEO

Beet web design has enabled the website to be accessible from all platforms and now one does not have to rely on their desktop computer or laptop to sift through different websites. They can now easily access any site they want at any time through their smartphones. That is why the web developers are more focused on creating more user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate.

Help in SEO

Integrated web design has helped SEO in ways more than one such as:

  • It helps in rearranging the architecture of your website in a better way
  • It has ensured that all the links used are easy to navigate
  • It has helped the users to find their desired pages easily and quickly
  • It has helped the search engines in crawling easily to your website and to find the desired pages

In short, it has also made it easy for the users to find all the relevant and required information with minimum navigation.

Within a couple of years Android has taken over the old and traditional Windows operating system which is why developments are made continuously in designing a website. To keep up with the pace of the constantly changing trends SEO companies are focusing now more on building systems that are simple and will maximize the SEO benefits.

Useful features and elements included

Web designing now is not confined to creation of web pages only. To increase SEO results and benefitsthere is an increased use of visual layout. This creates a better impression of the website in the minds of the viewers and they stick to your website. The visual layout creates a better sensation in the eyes of the visitors to your website.

Now websites are designed keeping in mind a few factors such as:

  • It must be easy to navigate
  • It must not take a lot of time to download
  • It must have better style guides
  • The design systems must be unique
  • All relevant keywords and links must be placed strategically
  • It must have better pattern libraries.

Therefore, designers are focusing more on the advanced features than implementing those rudimentary ones that are useful but not as effective as when these features are included in the design system.

Need for mobile friendly designs

With the extensive use of smartphones, it is elementary that focusing on the visual layout only will not result in maximum SEO. The software engineers at Tayloright therefore are using better tools and analytics in website management and designing to make it more mobile friendly due to the extensive use of Android systems and phones.

You will find that across all platforms the traditional Windows operating system is now on the backseat, whether it is a desktop, laptop or tablets.

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Karen Anthony is the best research analyst and has been researching on the effects of Android in internet usage in the past few years. She suggests that web site design and SEO results go hand in hand in this modern world.

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