In this tutorial I will teach you not only what you need to be uber, but also how to register the correct way by following a step by step so that besides knowing what you need to be uber you also get to earn 1,500 reais and break most heal of the doubts that the people when they want to enter to uber possess.

uber Complete Drivers guide
In the course of this post I will also leave a link from a specialized whatsapp group where I will provide tips so that you can enjoy the best of uber and earn a satisfactory income.


If you already have the documentation and want to speed up the link you are here, if you want to read step by step and follow the guide just follow below …


Below is the link of the special partnership where you will get the bonus of 1500 reais, how it works when you register you will have to fulfill a certain number of races and to complete if the value of your week is not equal to 1500 reais uber will complete the value making you earn the 1500 reais liquid!

Are you waiting for what to start guaranteeing your income?

how to become a uber driver

Your next page will be this one, now enjoy and be happy, welcome to uber!


O que precisa para ser uber


And then you registered? Well we have a few more things that will help you


What you need to be an uber driver (Requirements) – Overview

Many people have questions about what they need to be an uber driver, we need some basic requirements that we are going to list here, later we will enter topics 1 to 1 to explain how to get or solve each step ok?


You who asked me what you need to be uber know what documents is the first step because with it we will be able to enable the account, and with the account a series of discounts and bonuses, either to compare or rent a car or to purchase another telephone handset .


1 – Permanent Qualification

People here is no use in provisional driver’s license, okay? You need to take the final driver’s license, only then you can enter the documentation

2 – Criminal Background

Well it is necessary to take your criminal records to be able to send to uber, it is a simple procedure, but if it is not done its approval will not be fulfilled


Equipments :

You came in here seeking an answer to the simple question: What does it take to be uber? , But it took a very complete tutorial guide on uber driver, if you already know all this procedure you can skip right to the registration. If you still need to read, let’s continue with the initial plan.

Good to be uber is not only necessary documents so let’s go to the basic equipment part, in our exclusive group we will deal with more advanced equipment with focus on increasing your acceptance, uploading the notes and etc.

1 – Mobile support

This tip sounds like bullshit but from uber driver to uber driver, investing in a good mobile phone support will get you out of too much stress, another observation is to analyze which car console you have.

For example some consoles have very soft air vents and have no resistance or are vertical like the old Fort Ká or some cars of the citroen, this can be a problem since most of the supports are fixed in these exits.

A good tip here is to use magnets-based brackets, so it is only possible to lean the cell phone in the holder and follow the trip, because they believe that unexpected happen, passengers ask for changes of wheels, cell loses the signal, etc. etc.

On our join the group! we will address the issues in more detail.

2 – Mobile phone charger cable + adapter (usb lighter)

A good tip is to buy a cable to charge your cell phone that is long enough to connect the cell phone in the console of the car to the plug that enters the usb or cigarette lighter of the car to charge the phone.

3 – Cellular – Uber Requirement

This is where the cell phone comes in, cell phone is required preferably without full memory as it can cause crashes while using the applications simultaneously.

Waze or google maps + the uber + whatsapp app

Want a new cell phone or a cell phone just for work? See our tip of how to have 70 reais discount on new or used cell phones -> I want 70 reais discount!

4 – Internet – Uber Requirement

Not least the internet, in my tests I used a 2 GB package and it was not enough finishing the internet on the street and giving me the loss of having to request expansion pack

soon sign at least a 4 gb plan, the reason is that you will also use whatsapp

the groups will be important pieces in the street, one of the main sources of information, we will address this more in depth in the group created especially for you


Vehicles Uber Requirement:

the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what I need to be uber is if I need to own a vehicle to be a uber driver?

As promised in this tutorial of What you need to be an uber driver I will also get this doubt already giving some tips on how to save money.

There are two ways to work in Uber, one is having a vehicle and the other is renting a vehicle.

Characteristics necessary for the vehicle to work with uber:

  • Cars above 2008 (São Paulo has different legislation)
  • It does not have to be in your name
  • May be funded

Still have questions about the best vehicles for uber?

follow our post on What are the best cars for uber.


Rented cars:

For you that have car rented or want to rent below comes a step by step of how to rent, which places rent and a special discount the correct way to get it.


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