4 Simple But important Rules to Follow If you Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp in Your Home or Office

Salt lamps are beautiful and elegant, providing a soothing atmosphere at night. But, before you use a Himalayan salt lamp, you should know how to maintain it properly to make its best use.

So, here are 4 simple rules to follow if you have a Himalayan lamp in your home or office.

Rule 1: Choose a proper place to put the lamp

The first question after purchasing a Himalayan lamp is-where to place it? Avoid installing a lamp in an extremely damp room as it absorbs and attracts moisture rapidly. To enjoy pink Himalayan salt lamp benefits, place it in a room that you use the most.

You may place it on your bedside table as its dim and soothing light ensures relaxing sleep. It is specifically good for asthma patients, helping them breathe better. Placing it on your office desk or home working desk, next to the computer, is another amazing idea. You may also place it in family rooms to enjoy its rejuvenating benefits and in the kitchen to eliminate bad odor.

Tip: Consider placing a Himalayan lamp near large electronics to help lamp neutralize negative ions and radiations.

Rule 2: Clean it carefully

The Himalayan salt lamp can have dirt and dust accumulation, so it’s vital to keep these wonderful lamps clean. But, great care is needed when cleaning them as they are made up of salt. Using excess water to clean salt lamp may result in damage.

So, follow these instructions to clean a Himalayan salt crystal.

  • Turn the lamp off and let its bulb cool down before cleaning it.
  • Take a dishcloth, dip it in the water and wring it completely to remove excess water.
  • Softly rub the dust and dirt off the lamp with a dishcloth.
  • To clean excess ground dirt, use a moist scourer.
  • Allow the lamp to dry before turning it on again. You can either keep it in the sunlight or use another source that may not harm the lamp.

Rule 3: Be wise when installing the bulb

For safe shipping of the lamp, bulb comes uninstalled with bulb wrap surroundings, so you have to install it manually. But, if you find out that lamp’s bulb cracks or burns too frequently, try these troubleshoots.

  • Make sure, the bulb is not exceeding the maximum wattage of your salt lamp. It is not recommended to use high wattage bulbs as they may fuse frequently. You may use 15wattt bulb for lamps under 7kg and 25watt for lamps over 7kg.
  • Inspect if there is smoky white appearance inside the bulb. If yes, when replacing it, make sure that bulb size fits into your lamp and also has some extra space around it. Handle it with great care when installing.
  • If you observe frequent light flickering, it may be a result of loose contact or damaged wires inside the cord. Turn the lamp off and let the bulb cool down, then check if any of wires and other electronic components are damaged. If yes, consider replacing cord assembly with a new one to avoid possible fire hazards.

Rule 4: Keep a check on the lamp sweating

Along with a lot of pink Himalayan salt lamp benefits, there come some precautions. They have hygroscopic properties, allowing them to attract and absorb moisture, sometimes along with dust.

When it gathers water on its surface, we refer it to sweating, leaking or melting. But don’t worry; keeping your lamp safe from moisture is quite easy.

  • To prevent your beautiful lamp from sweating, try to keep it on for 16 hours a day. Keeping it on for 24/7 even ensures no or very less moisture.
  • Try keeping it in a fairly less dump place (away from the bathing area, laundry room, and the kitchen sink).
  • You may also try using high wattage bulb, but don’t exceed the manufacturer’s instructions for maximum bulb wattage.
  • If you still observe sweating, use a dry, lint-free cloth to remove the lamp. Make sure to turn it off before cleaning.

Some Bonus Tips:

  • Keep an appropriate ratio between room sizes to lamp size. A 2-4kg lamp suffices an average room, however, for a larger room like a living room; consider using a 9-10kg lamp.
  • If you are going on a vacation or due to any reason, you are not going to use the salt lamp for a long time, disconnect the power from the lamp and keep the lamp in an airtight plastic bag.

Use all the care instructions above to protect your Himalayan salt lamps from any possible damages and enjoy their relaxing beauty.

Do you have any other tip that may help our readers to take care of their Himalayan crystals? Don’t hesitate to share as sharing is caring!

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