5 Effective Practices to Manage Payroll for Your Startup

The world of business is like an ocean. Once you start diving into it, you get to understand that there are a whole lot of things that you have to manage. Gathering capital, resources, searching, and hiring talent keeps you so engaged that you, being new to the business, overlook another important thing to take care of. That is Payroll management.

Manage Payroll for Your Startup

Payroll management is one of the primary things that every entrepreneur, irrespective of the size of your business, has the necessity to handle efficiently unless you are a solopreneur managing everything by yourself.

Payroll management refers to the process of recording and managing all the financial data of employees working in the business.

Although it seems like a straightforward process, in reality, it is not! There are many things involved, not everyone’s paycheck is the same to copy and paste details, the salary of employees would differ. It is very important to keep track of taxes in a record with accuracy to avoid any legal issues. In addition, salary hikes, variable pay of each employee should be recorded without fail for future reference. It is definitely not a cakewalk to maintain all this data accurately. In case you fail to track, you might end up in losses and unable to figure out your investment in employees. So, effective payroll management becomes essential for a business. In this article, I am sharing five best practices that will help you manage payroll effectively.

1. Minimize manual and paperwork

Conventionally, payroll management is performed in 3 different ways

  1. Manual processing of payroll
  2. Recruiting accountants
  3. Using Payroll management software.

Bonds and paperwork are one of the complex processes which are being carried forward traditionally. To date, people would hesitate to document and store every proof on the system. But, we need to get out of the barrier, reduce physical records on paper, and leverage machine power. It cannot be denied that no system can guarantee 100% security, but the level of security has increased to a great extent over the years. Payroll management can be made fast, simple, and easy using the right and compatible software.

2. Interact with Employee

Productivity of an employee boils down to the salary he receives. Although he gets paid once a month, how he spends the rest of the month depends on the salary he gets paid. Any employee can give proper attention to work only when he is free from all types of financial concerns. Interact with them and openly discuss their salary and provide them easy access to payslip information allowing them to understand divisions of their salary. This helps to understand areas that have scope for improvement and they could work on it to get paid more.

3. Delegate the work:

Payroll management is definitely not such a thing that can be managed with a single hand. So, categorize, divide, and share responsibilities to multiple persons. Right from the day an employee gets onboard, every detail of his payroll data is to be properly noted and monitored without fail. When the data is entered manually, there is always a scope for common data entry mistakes, so data is to be re-verified and audited on a monthly basis. So, delegate the work to different people at different levels. In addition, encourage your employees to verify their own payslip and know the whereabouts of each detail in it. Ask them to keep verifying their personal data in payroll, bank details, PF details, and others regularly. After all, your employee is the primary person who will be affected by any small mistake made with his payslip. So, ask your employees to check all of their personal data is right & up-to-date and ensure that they are aware of the process to make required changes and submit a review periodically. They should be able to spend a few minutes in a day to spend the rest of the month peacefully without any confusion.

4. Consult professionals

Although we recommend leveraging machine work and automation, no machine can replace human intelligence. Use machines for specific and repetitive tasks. But when it comes to some crucial decision-making, do not hesitate to take help from professionals. In fact, you can take their opinion in choosing the right payroll management software for your business-specific requirements. Tools are abundant in the present-day market, choosing the right, genuine, and suitable tool is not so easy. You have to be extra careful in choosing the right tool, as you store employee personal and confidential data in it. So, you should make sure that software is trustworthy before you use it in order to prevent yourself from any threat in the future. You can hire professionals to help in assisting figuring major decisions regarding payroll. This investment to hire professionals could save you from losses due to wrong decisions.

5. Organize and keep things simple

Obviously! It seems like a basic thing. But, it is not as simple as it sounds. In reality, it is very easy to over-complicate things. It is not a simple task to keep things simple. Especially within a team, a whole lot of coordination is required to maintain things simple. A proper communication flow, trust, and transparency within a team are key factors that determine team coordination. So, it becomes important to put efforts to inculcate these traits with team members in order to get maximum output from them. Ensure simplicity in performing task and task flow to save you from a huge mess.

Bottom Line

Needless to mention, money is the strongest motivation to work. Your employees can dedicate their complete efforts towards business only when they are free from other worries. As a business owner, it becomes your primary responsibility to facilitate a mind without money-related concerns to them. Proper payroll management not only helps you achieve it but also helps you keep track of every investment that you do on your employees. So, you cannot overlook this aspect at any cost. No one would know about your business more than yourself. Considering your business size and requirements, don’t hesitate to invest in the effective management of payroll. As you grow, you definitely would not regret this decision!

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